Cinderella Man

The Great Depression

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Hooverville and Homeless Towns

Some homeless people had to give up their homes and houses and started living in 'Tent towns'. (Ex. Hooverville)

Economy and loss

A HUGE issue in the Great Depression was the Economy and Lack of of financial success. If one person was laid off it would affect everyone who is benefited from that person and the income they lost. (Ex. The activity we did in class)

Sending Children away to try and survive

Some families had to send their children away because they could not afford to care for them anymore. If families could not keep a steady income then it would be hard for them to feed the children and keep their children healthy and it would be a bad situation made even worse (Ex. Mae sent the kids to her sisters because the power was out)

Jesus H. Christ! Jesus Mary and Joseph! All the saints and martyrs and Jesus! Did I mention Jesus? -Joe Gould

James Braddock vs Max Baer (Highlights)