The KIWI Teleportation Device

The tecnology of the future

Our object, why we chose it and what it's good for

My group chose to make our object because it is something we think everyone wants- a teleporter. It is not on the market. When we were discussing our ideas one didn't make sense, one was for a younger audience and one was already invented. So it was our last idea (but a good one!). Our invention is called The Kiwi Teleportation Device. Our company name is The Kiwi Inc. Our product will teleport you from one place to the other by typing in the location and pressing the “go” button. We think that the age range 12-18 is suitable for our product because it is easy to use, portable and it saves kids from having to walk or catch the bus and ride it to school (you can sleep in!).

This product will change the lives of its users because kids will not be late for school-it teleports you in less than a minute- you can use it in the summer when it’s really hot as a room with air conditioning, you won’t have to carry heavy things and you can go anywhere in the world for free (you can treat your parents to a vacation!). The benefits are that it has is air conditioning (for those hot days, or just to cool down), it’s portable, it’s big (when unfolded) so you can fit lots of things, it has a collapsible wall (to put in big items) and it has a tracker so your parents will know where you are (so do not worry if you get lost-but don’t go were you aren’t supposed to!). It will also save time and it is eco-friendly because it is solar powered so it doesn’t use gas. This is a product that everyone should have because again it is eco-friendly so it is much better than cars (and faster) and it will save people the stress in the morning of running around so they won’t be late. Also since it teleports you in less than a minute people will have more time to do things around the house, do their homework and visit with friends and family. There is also one more advantage to this product on the subject of family. If you have a family member that travels a long distance for work and you don’t get to see them while they’re working for days, weeks maybe months at a time than the kiwi teleportation device will let you visit them every night (or vice-versa). So That is all the info you will need to know about our product.

So that is our product!