Caddo Indians

By:AJ Smith

Gulf Coastal plains

The Caddo Indians lived in the gulf coastal plains.

Food they Ate

For food these Indians farmed corn, beans, squash and other crops. They would also hunt deer and gather berries, roots, and nuts.

Obtained Food

Hunting parties of men would be formed to travel west onto the Southern Plains were there were many buffalo at certain times of the year. Also grew there own crops.

Dwelling They Lived In

The summer house had no sides on it, only a roof. The floor was special in the summer house. The floor was raised up off the ground and was made of woven cane or split wood.


Because they lived in the woods they used wood for many things. To cut down trees they used stone axes. They also used bow and arrows.


The leader is called a caddie. Elders of the village are one step behind the caddie.

Location of where they live

Many of them were moved to present Oklahoma. Many people still live there today

Unique Fact

Corn was the most valuable crop to the Caddo tribe because they used it to make flour and for food.

Special Traditons

One of the special tradition that they used to buried people in ground and as more people died they would make mounds of all the people.

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