Evelyn Tanumai

Daily Activities

Eliminating any type of diseases that could arise in patience teeth.

Working Conditions

Have a high level of social contact.Dentists work constantly with patients or coworkers.Are exposed on a daily basis to the diseases and infections carried by patients.Must fully complete and be exact in their work. Any errors could cause their patients to experience pain.

Yearly Wages

Earn $161,080 - more than $187,200 per year.

Preparation and / or training

Have a high school diploma or equivalent, complete at least two years of college,take science courses in college, graduate from dental school, and pass a state exam to get a license.

5 important skills and abilities

Social skills,physical contact,good hearing,good eye vision, and is educated.

Recommended core classes and electives

Science, reading, medical technology, and dental sciences.
Become a dentist
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