Phobias and Fears

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What are Phobias?

A Phobia is an extreme fear of something living or not. It is a type of anxiety disorder that makes you scared of anything that could give you panic attacks.

People with phobias often don't go out to places because they are scared and their fear is getting to them. For example, I don't like going to the circus because I am scared of clowns and jesters. Fears are not good for some people because they can become unsocial.

People with Phobias also don't set good goals for themselves and may not succeed in life and will not be very fortunate after they are done learning and are off for a career they want to have.

Whats the difference between phobias and being scared?

People don't know the answer to this question. When you are scared, it is more like for Halloween houses where it is more for fun. Phobias are anxiety disorders and people can get seriously sweaty and may have a hard time breathing and faint. You have to do things to get over phobias, but not being scared.

Your friend jumps out from the corner trying to scare you, which is being scared. you see a spider and start breathing very heavily, you have a phobia.

4 simple steps to getting over fears

If you are scared of spiders, mirrors, or heights, there is always a way of getting over your fears.

First, you have to acknowledge your fear and not deny it. Your ownership shows confidence to push through and overcome fears.

Next, don't think about all of the negatives, think positive! You can think of positive outcomes to overcome fear faster with more success. You can think of negatives for a plan, but don't overthink.

Third, come up with a plan and practice it over and over again. Take it seriously and build upon your success to strive and meet your goal and make your fear fear you.

Last, start acting and fighting your fear.Don't let any fear get in the way of you succeeding in your own life.

fears cause_______

Fears and phobias cause anxiety, panic, and intense fear that takes time you get over your fear. Stress is another cause, but people fat suffer stress have a difficulty finding jobs and education.

Fears also cause panic attacks which leads to sweating and a difficult time breathing. For example, people that are scared of something may be scared to go to different places because of their fear. Like me, I don't go to circuses because I am scared of clowns. That makes them less social because they avoid their own fear.

Face it

Fears are something that takes a while to get to go away. You have to work hard and face them. Fears are problems in the way of you succeeding in life. You need to make a list of things you are least afraid of to what you are most afraid of and take it on slowly until you overcome your fear and you can succeed in life.
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