Want to go to a different country?

We are now taking students to go to Mexico for a year.

Society and Culture

In Mexico family and social network is very important in Mexicos society. Mexico has many traditions like quinceanera. A quinceanera is the celebration of a girls 15th birthday. This celebration is to show that a girl has now turned into a woman. Mexico is very strict with formality and politeness. People often use a first name only when being very close to that other person. Foreign people who get in the business of the other country is considered very rude. The golden rule in mexicos society is to never insult a persons pride or honor.

On September 16 Mexico celebrates the Independence of their country. The most important part of this celebration is Grito de Delores

Climate and Landforms

Mexico is a large plateau. There is a mountain ranges located in Mexico. Its called the Sierra Madre Oriental. The eastern side of the mountain is formed from shale, and limestone. The Western side of the mountain is volcanic. Running along the Sierra Madre Oriental is a costal lowlands. A lot of the rainforest has suffered from slash-and-burn farming. For most of the year Mexico is to dry to farm but the irrigation system that they built helps them be able to farm through the year.

Facts and other things to know

Mexico is 1 hour behind U.S Eastern Standard time. A lot of the people who live in Mexico are very polite. So loosing your temper or slowly replying is considered very rude.

Contact Information

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