Saving and Investing

By Mike Bertrand

Why should you have a savings and investing account?

Well for starters if you were to keep your money in your house It would lose value. You actually earn more money. By having it in the bank it lets people borrow your money, when they pay it back they also pay interest. Half of the interest goes to your account. You could save your money for college or anything else that would be important in your life. You can make more money by investing in stocks. The downside is you can lose money as well if the business goes bankrupt or loses business. It can vary in risk depending on what type of things you invest in.

Tips on saving your Money

-Set a monthly budget so that you only spend money on what you have to live. Spend on important things like: food, gas, and monthly bills.

-Save as much as you can because it will grow!

- Once you have enough money for something big spend it on something that will benefit you and help you make even more money!

Tips on investing!

When investing you can invest in different things. Some of them can have high risk or low risk when it comes to your money growing or not. Liquidity is another factor, this is how fast you can get your money back. Based upon these types of investments I would suggest investing in something that is med to low risk so that you don't lose your money. It would be choice to invest in something with high liquidity so that you can get your cash fast!