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October 24-28

Learning Walks

Mark Your Calendars:
  • November 1 - Shirann Lewis, Johanna Ortiz, and Leadership Team @ Morning TBD

Thanks to all staff for opening your doors for our Literacy Learning Walks this week. We were able to witness so many wonderful things happening in your classrooms and so much engagement throughout the building.

Kuddos to YOU!

Alanton Elementary School Teacher of the Year 2018


Virginia Beach Teacher of the Year Program-

The focus of the Virginia Beach Teacher of the Year Program is to recognize and promote excellence in teaching while recognizing and honoring teachers for their expertise and leadership. The selected teacher will serve as an ambassador for the school system, communicating many of the contributions of the classroom teacher and serving as a model for quality instruction. The Teacher of the Year will be asked to make public appearances, participate on citywide and state committees, and conduct other activities that help meet the needs of the school division.

Selection Process at Schools

All teachers with at least five full years of teaching experience are eligible to apply, regardless of prior nominations as Teacher of the Year [with the exception of any individual who previously has been selected as the citywide Teacher of the Year]. A model for the selection process has been developed and must be used in choosing a school’s Teacher of the Year. It is designed to ensure a fair and equitable process resulting in the selection of a highly qualified individual as Teacher of the Year for each school. The model also includes guidelines for the school’s selection committee membership.

Eligibility and Criteria for Teacher of the Year


The teacher must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold state certification in area(s) of assignment, pre-kindergarten-12;
  • Be a current full-time classroom teacher as defined by a teaching contract, to include librarians, computer resource specialists, guidance counselors, reading specialists, ESL teachers, and special education teachers;
  • Have a minimum of five full years of teaching experience;
  • Must have received no rating on any individual standard lower than proficient with an overall summative rating of proficient or higher; and
  • Be planning to continue in an active teaching status for at least one year.


Candidates will be considered on the basis of the following criteria developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers:

  • Concern for individual students and ability to inspire the love of learning;
  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with fellow professionals;
  • Willingness to devote time and energy to activities that result in improved instruction for children;
  • Desire to keep abreast of current educational theories and practices;
  • Examples of innovative practices initiated by the candidate;
  • Ability to translate educational theories and best practices into improved student achievement;
  • Ability and willingness to make contributions to the field of education; and
  • Ability to work effectively with the community.

Nomination forms will be placed in your mailbox & emailed to you by Friday.

Nominations are due to Bruce Clarke, electronically or in his mailbox, by 4:00 PM, Friday, November 4, 2016.

Save the Date - Alanton's Teacher of the Year will be announced at our Staff Seminar on December 20th.

Lunch Room Pick Up & Drop Off

Teachers: We need your help!

It is very important we follow the lunch schedule as closely as possible.

Dropping students off late and picking them up late is stressful on the staff members who are in the cafeteria assisting students while we wait for our new lunch monitor to begin.

We know we can work together to improve this situation!


Please enter the DRA Independent level into Synergy no later than Friday, October 28.

Grant Winner - WAhoo!

Congrats to Fara & Heather for receiving a Virginia Beach Education Grant for Tech Cadets - $1435.35.

(However, $14,000 sounds much better!)

Hehehe! Blooper of the Week!

Jeans for jackie!

We will have a JEANS day for the Sargent family on Wednesday, October 26th. Aaron, Jackie's son-in-law, is home from the hospital, but has a long road to recovery. Please continue to keep Aaron and their entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

If you are not interested in wearing jeans and would like to make a contribution, please see Brenda. Thanks!

Quarterly Assessments

The quarterly testing window is from October 31-December 2. The computer lab will be closed from November 9-22 for second grade quarterly tests. Grades 3-5 will use their laptop carts or Chromebooks to take their quarterly assessments. If Grade 2 finishes early, we will let you know.

Grade Level - Mandatory Quarterly Tests

  • 2nd grade - LA, Math, Science, Social Studies
  • 3rd grade - LA, Math, Science, Social Studies
  • 4th grade - LA, Math, Combined Science/Social Studies
  • 5th grade - LA, Math, Science, Social Studies

Talent Ed Goal Setting - Due 10/28

Teachers - Please make sure that you complete your Talent Ed Goal Setting (Classroom Teachers: Reading & Math) by October 28.

PCI Goals

  • Literacy - By June 2017, 90% of all students in grades K-5, will be reading on/above grade level or show a minimum of one years’ growth as measured by the DRA/RI.

  • Numeracy - By June 2017, 85% of all students in grades 1-5 will demonstrate proficiency on the TenMarks Grade Level Assessments. (Kindergarten - Johanna will be in touch about the goal.)

Professional Development 1/2 Day Planning

LA & Math/Content Planning - We will also discuss Standards Based Grading and Reporting.

November 2 - Substitutes will eat lunch during the normal Grade 4 lunch times.

  • Kinder - Planning 8:20-11:20 / Lunch 11:20-11:50
  • Grade 4 - Planning 12:30-3:30 / Lunch 12:00-12:30

November 3 - Substitutes will eat lunch during the normal Grade 3 lunch times.

  • Grade 1- Planning 8:20-11:20 / Lunch 11:20-11:50
  • Grade 3 - Planning 12:30-3:30 / Lunch 12:00-12:30

November 4 -Substitutes will eat lunch during the normal Grade 5 lunch times.

  • Grade 2 - Planning 8:10-11:10 / Lunch 11:10-11:40
  • Grade 5 - Planning 12:15-3:15 / Lunch 11:45-12:15

Olympic CLC Planning the Week of October 31 - Since we will be focusing on Reading & Math during our 1/2 planning, your team will have an opportunity to create your own agenda to plan with your team during our regular CLC times.

*Team Chairs, Please submit an agenda to me by Friday, October 28th.

Professional Development Opportunities

Here are some great learning opportunities - Sign-Up in MyLearningPlan

  • Oct. 25: Best Practices in Word Study (gr. 3 - 5)
  • Jan. 24: Close Reading, (K - 2)
  • Jan. 31: Close Reading, (3 - 5)

Achieve3000 Olympians

Please remember to send your names to Charlene by the end of the day each Friday.

SRT Training Make-Up Day - 11/15/16

We are going to have our SRT training make-up day on Tuesday, November 15th @ 3:30-4:30 in the Media Center due to school being canceled on October 10. Please mark you calendar and plan to attend as it is a required training for all staff. Thanks!

Weekly Happenings

CLC Focus: Media/Tech - teachers need to bring laptops

Monday, 10/24

  • 8:55-9:55 Grade 5 CLC
  • 10:05-11:05 Grade 3 CLC
  • 11:15-12:15 Grade 4 CLC
  • 3:15-4:00 Rehearsal for students with speaking parts in the holiday musical - music room
  • 3:30-4:30 Staff Fitness Class - Media Center

Tuesday, 10/25

  • 8:45-1:45 Grade 2 CLC
  • 2:00-3:00 Grade 1 CLC
  • 3:15-4:30 Girls on the Run - room 24

Wednesday, 10/26

  • Jeans for Jackie - Give $ to Brenda
  • Math CLC for Leads (K-2 @ 8:30-11:00 & 3-5 @ 12:30-3:00)

  • 11:10-12:10 Kindergarten CLC
  • 3:35-4:05 Staff Fitness Class - Media Center

Thursday, 10/27

  • 3:15-4:30 Girls on the Run - room 24
  • 3:30-4:30 Staff Fitness Class - Media Center

Friday, 10/28

  • Jump Rope for Heart event, during grade level PE times
  • 8:55-9:10 Student Hosts training for grades 1-3 - in cafeteria
  • 9:45-3:05 Gr. 5 Cultures of Jamestown Outreach Program - Media Center
  • 2:45-3:00 Student Hosts training for grades 4 & 5 - in cafeteria

Future Happenings

CLC Focus: Math

Monday, 10/31

  • 8:55-9:55 Grade 5 CLC
  • 10:05-11:05 Grade 3 CLC
  • 11:15-12:15 Grade 4 CLC
  • 3:30-4:30 Staff Fitness Class - Media Center

Tuesday, 11/1

  • 8:30-9:45 School Improvement meeting w/Shirann Lewis
  • 9:30-10:30 PTA meeting - in cafeteria
  • 1:20-2:20 Gr. 4 Meteorology Presentation by Myles Henderson - Media Center
  • 12:45-1:45 Grade 2 CLC
  • 2:00-3:00 Grade 1 CLC
  • 3:15-4:00 Rehearsal for Students w/speaking parts - music room
  • 3:15-4:30 Girls on the Run - room 24
  • 3:30-4:30 Leadership Team meeting - in room 14

Wednesday, 11/2

  • Library closed for set up of Fall Book Fair (Nov. 3rd -10th)
  • Staff Jeans Day w/welfare dues
  • 1/2 Day Planning - Kindergarten AM & Grade 4 PM (See schedule above)
  • 12:30 Mr. Dale Holt Visits Alanton
  • 1:30-2:00 Gr. 5 Battle of the Books Informational Program - in cafeteria
  • 3:35-4:05 Staff Fitness Class - Media Center
  • 4:00-6:00 District-wide PLP: Extensions, Add-Ons & Apps for the Chrome Browser - computer lab

Thursday, 11/3

  • 1/2 Day Planning - Grade 1 AM & Grade 3 PM (See schedule above)
  • 3:15-4:30 Girls on the Run - room 24
  • 3:30-4:30 Staff Fitness Class - Media Center

Friday, 11/4

  • 1/2 Day Planning - Grade 2 AM & Grade 5 PM (See schedule above)
  • Happy Friday!

Mark Your Calendars -

  • November 8 - PAC Meeting 8:30-9:30
  • November 3-10 & April 28-May 5 - Book Fairs
  • November 7 - School-wide Voting Day
  • November 9 - First Grade Performance/Family Dinner Night
  • November 15 - SRT Training
  • December 10 - Breakfast With Santa
  • December 20 - Winter Musical at FCHS
  • February 10 - Bingo Night
  • March 1 - PTA Meeting 7:00 pm
  • March 17 - Shamrock Pep Rally
  • March 18 - Shamrock Race
  • May 4 - Authors Conference/Book Fair Night
  • May 11 & May 12 Rain Date - Field Day
  • June 5 - Spring Musical at Cox HS
  • June 14 - PE Awards
  • June 15 - Grade 5 Walk of Fame
  • June 16 - Bridging Ceremony

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Happy Birthday to the following Astro Olympians...

October Birthdays:

  • Kim Nolette - Oct. 27
  • Emily Crouch - Oct. 30
  • Jenny Miller - Oct. 30
  • Susan Anderson - Oct. 31

November Birthdays:

  • Kathryn Davey - Nov. 1
  • Henriella Holmes - Nov. 3
  • Mary Ellen Maloney - Nov. 3
  • Julie Permel - Nov. 6
  • Kim Hall - Nov. 7
  • Norma Arzola - Nov. 12
  • Tom Stahl - Nov. 27
  • DeeDee Ortiz - Nov. 28

#ShoutOuts / #IMakeADifference

  • #AwesomeSECTeam - Thank you SEC team for pulling together in a crazy situation!! You are AWESOME!

  • #SpEdReview - Thanks to Jodi and Aimee for providing a great overview/review of the special education paperwork and for being so supportive.

  • #WelcomeBack - Welcome back to Whitney. We are so glad to have the team together and moving forward in a productive way. I can’t wait to see how much fun we can plan this year. #2ndgrade

  • #LovingPALs - Thanks to Kristen and Lori for being such a fantastic collaborative team! They hit the ground running and are loving the kids!

  • #GoogleInspiration - Jenny Demers and Fara Faust have been extremely helpful and patient as I learn to make quizzes with Google Forms to put on Google Classroom. Their encouragement is inspiring!!

  • #JodiToTheRescue - Thank you to Jodi for taking time out of her busy day to help me be in two places at once during our marathon Tuesday. – Katie

  • #TechSavvy4thGrade - Thank you to the fourth grade team for helping me become more familiar with and use Google Classroom in my counseling lesson! Thank you for being my guinea pigs. :) - Katie A

  • #AllStarSRTSEC504Teams - Thank you to everyone on our Tuesday teams! Everyone plays a role in making sure the meetings run smoothly each week! What a great group to be a part of! – Katie A.

  • #EmilyToTheRescue - I am very thankful that Emily was there to the rescue once again as she helped me get pictures for SCA elections ~Cynthia

  • #LoveRachel - Thank you Rachel Abram! Rachel offered to help w/my math lesson because she had extra time. She did a fabulous job working with small groups of children re-teaching estimation. She had a positive rapport with the students and encouraged them to take their time and praised them when they estimated correctly.

  • #ILoveMyJob! #ILoveAlanton - Period! :) Charlene

Congrats Cynthia, Alanton's Reading Teacher of the Year!

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Happy Security Assistants Day!

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AES Leadership Team Participates in the Beach Clean Up

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Staff Focused on Standards Based Grading

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Literacy Learning Walks

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Lunch Bunch fun w/ Mrs. Harvey

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First Grade Fun on the Farm

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Pumpkin Patch-1, Kids-0

Wiped-Out & Adorable!

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Achieve3000 Olympians

Big image

My little man getting ready for his first race - so very exciting!

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Christopher rocked the run! I am one Proud Mommy!

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