Are You TNReady?

PD Session on TNReady Tools for Assessment

PD Session Description

"This session will highlight resources and tools that will prepare teachers and students for TNReady. Participants will compare the old test item types to the new TNReady technology enhance questions. Creating and using existing Technology Enhanced questions using MICAtime and Edulastic will be the focus of the session. Additional tools and resources will be shared to assist everyone as we prepare all students for online testing."

Bellwork-Click on the link below and answer the questions on the Padlet

Instructional Implications-Why Before the What

Bellwork: View the TNReady Design & Instructional Implications chart at the link below and be prepared to share and discuss.

1. Introduction: TNReady in a Nutshell

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3. TNReady Practice Tools

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4. Other Resources

5. Resources to Give to Parents