By: Martina


Ever since second grade when the Loskis moved in across the street from the Bakers, Juli Baker has been trying to interact with Bryce. On the other hand Bryce has been trying to run away from her. He thinks that she is pushy and annoying, Bryce doesn't was anything with her. But in eight grade their feelings flipped. Bryce noticed how amazing and intelligent Juli was and she changed her mind about Bryce, the spark that she had for him now is gone. Will Bryce be able to change her mind? Read the book...


Julianna Baker is one of the main character. She is very intelligent (A+ Student) and artistic girl. She even likes to raise chickens. Juli is in love with Bryce, her neighbor and classmate, until eight grade.

Bryce is a ordinary boy who is one of the main characters. Bryce likes to hangout with his best friend, Garret. He never liked his neighbor and classmate, Juli, until eight grade.

Ms. and Mr. Baker are Juli's Parents.

Ms. and Mr. Loski are Bryce's Parents.

Lynetta Loski is Bryce's older sister who likes to bother him a lot. She loves a band in which Julianna's brothers play, Mystery pisser.

Garret is Bryce best friend. By the end of the book this is going to change because Bryce got angry with him after he commented something mean about Julianna.

Matt and Mike are Juli's older brothers. They look like they are twins but they are actually not. Both are part of the band Mystery pisser which Lynetta Loski likes.

Chet Duncan is Bryce's grandpa. He never spoke anything until he met Julianna. He helped her when reforming their lawn because she reminded him of his wife which is dead. In the end of the book Bryce realizes that his grandpa is actually pretty funny and cool.


The setting of the story takes place in the early 60's. It takes place in a small city where the Bakers and the Loskis live. There was no specific name of city or country. The places that are mostly brought up is their school, Bryce's house, Juli's house, Garret's house, the bus stop (Collier street).

Authors point of view

The authors point of view was to teach that people should start "look beneath the surface". She states in a interview that many times in life we will have a crush on a person just because of their appearance. Wendelin Van Draanen wrote this book to alert young readers about this topic.

Other Information

This book which has 212 pages was written by Wendelin Van Draanen. This complicated love story is told in two different views (Juliannna Baker and Bryce Loski).


I think that the author did in excellent job, since the lesson that she wanted to pass was the moral form me. In this book I understood that people are more than there apereances. It was just like Bryce, when you read about him you expect a dumb blond boy. But as the book goes on he does not fall in love with Shelly Stalls (prettiest girl), he does fall in love with the most intelligent.