Digital Citizenship Awareness Club

Come join our new club today at 3:00 in the EHS Cafeteria!

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the way that kids and adults understand the internet. They should always be respectful and appropriate while online.

What is our club?

Our club DIgital Citizenship Awareness Club or DCAC for short, is all about explaining to people that they always have to be respectful and appropriate online, if you aren't, than you shouldn't be online in the first place. Our club is important because most kids and adults are online and on social media, they have to know the rules of the web.

When and Where do we meet?

We meet every monday at 3:00 in the EHS Cafeteria. See you then!

Contact information

You can call me at 201-267-5060 or if you want to sign up and join our club.

What does our club talk about during our meetings?

During our meetings what we talk about is how kids and adults should respect people online and on social media. When going to our club you will understand how to be respectful online and on social media.

Why should you join our club?

You should join our club because our world revolves around social media and we want to show you ways to be respectful and not get into trouble on social media.

3 activities that we will accomplish in our club

1. We will ask people about situations that is happening on the online world.

2. Talk about why Digital Citizenship is important .

3. What will you take out, when this club is over.