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Economical Impact

Mount Everest has helped Nepal more than it has helped Tibet. Tourism has greatly increased in Nepal, due to Mount Everest and other mountains in Nepal. This is allowing Nepal to gain lots of money. It is recorded that, Mount Everest makes Nepal at least $3.3 billion a year on climbing fees alone.

Although Nepal has been able to make lots of money off of Mount Everest, there are some issues.

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Trash on the "Top of the World"

Climbers on Everest has it's perks, but it also has it's consequences. Because there are no trash cans on Everest, there seems to be trash littered everywhere, and the freezing climate does not allow biodegrading. The top of the world is also "peppered" with bodies. Although the bodies cannot be brought back down (because of the dangers of thin air) there is a way to get the mountain clean, but the question how can this rule be enforced?

Apparently Nepal has already thought of a way. They've decided to make each climber bring down at least 17.6 pounds of their own trash. If at all this should discontinue the acceleration of trash on Everest.

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Climate on Everest

The climate on Everest is "naturally extreme" according to my sources, January is Everest's coldest month. With average temperatures like -33 degrees Fahrenheit on the summit, you can see why. July is it's warmest month, with average temperatures like -2 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes a short period of time available to reach the summit and come back down unharmed by any severe weather.
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Preparation for climbing

According to my sources, there are three ways you can physically prepare for climbing Everest. 1) Strengthen your heart. Cardiovascular workouts can help your climbing lots. It makes them dependable, because, in case you didn't know, climbing a 29,029 foot mountain requires cardio. 2) Strength conditioning. This is vital, because if you can't carry a 20 - 30 pound pack up a mountain. You will not be able to make it up a mountain. 3) General mountaineering. Climbing other mountains, gradually adding more to your pack each time can increase and stamina. Also, walking with hiking boots up the stairs and things of that nature will help you climb better. Yes these are the three ways to physically condition yourself, but you also need to train yourself mentally. Visualize and set goals.

Holly's Report

The Youngest To Summit Everest

Climbing Everest is one thing, but how about at the age of four-teen? That just so happens to be exactly what one Sun-Jo accomplished. With help from his grandfather, his friend Peak, and Joshua Wood (the leader of a very successful climbing company) he managed to reach the summit. Not only did he become the youngest to summit, he is also the first free Tibetan to reach the summit of Everest. The goal was to get both Peak and Sun-Jo to the summit. It was well known how much more Sun-Jo needed the publicity than Peak. Literally 10 feet away from summit, Peak decides to turn back and allow Sun-Jo to gain both titles, seeing as to how they are only one week apart. Peak's nobleness allowed Sun-Jo and his sisters to finally attend school.

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The biography of Peak Marcello

Peak was the product of two professional climbers in love. During a climb Teri, Peak's mother, fell due to a loose rock. From that day forward she never climbed again, but she allowed Peak to. Before she married, she would watch Peak climb the rock. Once she did marry, she would place Peak in summer rock climbing camps.

Soon after, Peak got a taste of something bigger. So he decides not only to climb skyscrapers, but to tag them as well. Eventually he gets caught. He tries for trial and succeeds. He is sent off to supposedly live with his father, but instead his father take him to go climb Mount Everest. Sound responsible? Peak is going to be climbing with Sun-Jo, Zopa's grandson. Sun-Jo needs the publicity so that he and his sisters can attend school. Peak starts to get seriously determined to make it to summit. When Peak is literally 10 feet away from summit, he turns away and allows Sun-Jo to not only be known as "First free Tibetan to summit Everest" but also as "Youngest person to summit Everest". Peak is truly a noble and genuine person.

The Biography of Sun-Jo

Sun-Jo's father died on a mountain after saving Joshua Wood, Peak's father. It is believed that his heart gave out. So Zopa, Sun-Jo's grandfather, takes care of him and his sisters. Zopa is wise and he only wants the best for his grandson. Sun-Jo couldn't have very well get up Mount Everest without Peak. Sun-Jo was never out for the title Joshua wanted for Peak, but he just wanted to enjoy the ride along the way. Sun-Jo is a very calm and sincere person