Mrs. Markle's First Grade News

November 2013

Parent Information

Book Order is due on December 12th. Books make a great gift. If you would like to order some books for a gift, please let me know. I can notify you when the books come in and you can come get them so that it's a surprise!

In December we will be making gingerbread houses. Information about this fun projects will be coming home today.


This month we have been focusing on short u, the th sound, and the ng sound. Sight words will continue to come home all year, so please remember to practice them at least twice a week or more. They have learned about plot and story events. We are also working on blends. Your children are doing a great job with reading!

In writing, we continue to work on many stories. They wrote stories based on the book In November by Cynthia Rylant. The students also wrote poems about fall. We made a movie of their poems in an app called 30 Hands.

In addition, we have been making class books on the iPad in an app called Book Creator. This app is awesome for budding authors. It does cost about $5.00, but the students love it. You may want to consider buying it if your child is interested. So far we have created a book about plants and a book about turkeys. In these projects the students write, type, take pictures, draw, speak, and listen.


In addition to pennies and nickels, your child has learned to count dimes. You can help by having your child count combinations of dimes, pennies and nickels and by having him/her practice making exchanges for equal amounts. For example, give your child a nickel and 5 pennies and ask him/her to exchange it for a dime.

We have also learned to tell time to the "half past" time. We continue to work on using the number line and number grid to problem solve and add and subtract.

If you want some extra math fact practice for your child, please try The students are using this site at school. It is great for practicing addition and subtraction. Remember, first graders are expected to be able to complete 36 math facts (up to 9+9 and related subtraction facts) in 3 minutes or less. Start practicing today!

Social Studies/Science

In November we focused on Thanksgiving. We talked a little but about Diwali as we have several students that celebrate this holiday. We also learned about Veteran's Day.

November Rotations!

On November 25th, we went around to the different classrooms and did some Thanksgivign activities. Some of our activities were: make a work family turkey, make a placemat, compare and contrast the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims, and write using Native American symbols. Here are some pictures from November:


Thank you so much for meeting with me in November to discuss your child's progress. I always enjoy talking to parents about the wonderful things their children are doing. You can be very proud of your child. First graders work hard!