facts about the job

job description

Firefighters respond to emergency situations and primarily protect people, the environment and property from all types of accident and emergencies. They work closely with the local community to increase their level of fire safety awareness in order to help prevent fires and accidents occurring in the first place.

skills needed

• Prevention
• Self protection
• Rescue
• Safeguarding property
• Fire control


A career as a fire fighter doesn't necessarily require formal education beyond a high school diploma or a GED; however, it may lead to increased employment opportunities and career advancement. Regardless of an individual's educational experience, a fire fighter's training primarily takes place on the job. Applicants are expected to pass written, physical and medical examinations prior to being considered for a job opening.

schools that offer firefighting education

aims community colledge

angelena colledge

anna marie colledge


anywhere between $10 and $15

job outlook

it is expected to grow about 19% by 2018