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Sophie Greenwood

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Ever been here?

Because if so, this flyer isn't for you. You already know how wonderful it is. You have seen with your own eyes the varieties of beauty, monuments, attractions and sites it holds for anyone and everyone. Your job is to get out into the world, and share this with the general public; with people who haven't taken advantage of the best opportunity, to put it simply, that Great Britain can offer them.

The purpose of this is to take pity on everybody who hasn't been to Bristol already, to give them a taste of the wonders of the city and persuade them to join us here.

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Well, why not?

I am now assuming that the person reading this needs to be persuaded to come to Bristol. My first point is a question: why haven't you come?
Bristol might be far away from where you live, and it might cost money to bring you here. But a visit to Bristol is worth every penny that you might spend on a train, or even an aeroplane trip. And if you have a family to take with you, so much the better! Because Bristol isn't just a place for adults-- or just for teenagers, or children, or babies. No, the huge range of activities and places here encompass everybody, making it the perfect trip for adults, teenagers or whole families!
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"But where do I start?"

You might be asking this question to yourself. If you have the misfortune not to live here, you won't know of the many and varied places you can visit. So just to get you started, I will give you a quick and heavily abridged list of places you can visit here.

For visiting adults, there is some wonderful architecture...

  • St Mary Redcliffe Church, which is an example of beautiful architecture, and, for those who want to, a wonderful place to worship. In non-service times, adults can come to look around and pray. You can also go to whichever of the services you want, held on weekdays as well as Sundays. Of course, there are many children and family services held as well, and a very friendly Sunday school. The church will welcome you with open arms.
  • Of course, apart from this Church, there are many other centres of worship-- and lovely old-fashioned buildings. Another is the Cathedrals, but we could go on.
  • And, of course, the Suspension Bridge, the S. S. Great Britain and Temple Meads. But these would be wonderful attractions for children and families, as well...

For teenagers and slightly older children, there is...

  • The @Bristol science museum. While this is a treat for younger children and adults as well, making it a wonderful holiday for everybody, the people clamouring to go here will probably be around 8-15 year olds. It boasts a range of weird and wonderful activities, involving flowing water, steering aeroplanes, filming Wallace and Gromit, the human body, and human scale hamster wheels!
  • Next door to it is
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