Are you a music lover?

Psychology research

The study of music

  • Do u love music? come and join us at the school of Las Vegas Fine Arts.

we are making a very fun experiment that can help our music lovers to develop the real type of music that you personally enjoy

  • Guess what?! u only need to love music in order to participate and be able to stay 45 minutes for 5 days listening to 5 music genre.To be more exciting and specific genres are......classical rock, Jazz, Country music, rap and more exciting bachata!
  • How can defining the music that you like help u in life?

Helping you discover the type of music you enjoy, will help us investigate the type of music that most commonly help people get motivated and entertain...We the School Of Las Vegas would like to figure out the type of music that makes your heart pump up faster or the type of music that makes you feel sad. :(

  • What are we getting of these study ?

These study will give us the benefit to under stand you and how those the human brain and emotion of your body react to these different type of music genre.