Comparing The Lost Sheep

By Izzy

Main Story Line

The main story line is one sheep gets lost and the shepherd leaves the other ninety-nine sheep to find that one sheep he is so happy to find that one sheep.

Key Infomation

Luke 15 (1-7)
Matthew 18 (10-14)
Luke wrote for people who were Gentiles so they just needed to be reminded of the laws.
Matthew wrote for people who were Jews that converted to Christianity so they needed to be taught the laws
Religious truths God was very loving and caring God

The detours and similarities

The Lost Sheep Scripture Detours If you would like to find out more click the link it will come up with more info and a table with detours

similarities between the text and language

Both Luke and Matthew wrote in the third person and Matthew sometimes speaks as Jesus. They both use rich words a the start but slowly stop using it.They did get a bit in depth with the language.