The Kill Order

Character Sketch

Deedee (portrayed by Cara Delevingne)

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About Deedee

Deedee is a five year old girl (I still felt that the girl who portrays her fits her personality best, even though they are ages apart) who is sent to work with WICKED when The Flare was spreading. Mark and Trina find her alone in a village. She is immune to the Flare which is why she is sent to work with WICKED. Mark sends her to Alaska as they try and fine a cure for the Flare and that is where she would be renamed to Teresa. In The Maze Runner, she is a main character as well and she gets sent into the maze last as the only girl to enter. Deedee is strong and independent girl even though she is so young. She helps WICKED in trying to find a cure and does things that she thinks is right for only herself.

The way she acts

Like i said before, she is a very strong and independent little girl. She can handle things on her own but she still has some fears. People push her around and tell her what to do but even so, she takes things on her own. She is very quiet and shy as every five year old would be. People always try and take of her but she knows that she can take care of herself. She knows her way around and can help anyone. Deedee is the one who will care about only herself in surviving.

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