Teacher Notes

A New Way for Teachers to Keep Track of Classes

A Revolutionary Tool

Gerrard Apps has introduced to teachers a new way to be in sync with their classes. Teacher Notes is an app that allows teachers to write and save their own notes, photos, videos or audio for multiple kids, classes, and even subjects. No more endless sticky notes filling up the entire classroom or white boards crammed with reminders. It's just a simple and easy way to file and keep what you need to know and remember.

Getting Started

1. Download the app on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.

2. Follow the steps to create a class.

3. Write a note.

4. Use the tabs on the top and bottom of the screen to add kids, domains, and content areas. You can also save your notes, record your voice, make a video, create a safety pin, and take a picture with the different tabs.

5. Organize you classes and school life with this simple tool that has endless possibilities.


Here are some of the things you can do

While exploring Teacher Notes I found out that you can record your voice or write out notes. This can be used to track the behavior of students, jot down skills for kids to work on, keep track of Florida Standards students need to be assessed on, or write what you are doing in each class. You can also keep track of different classes, make lesson plans, cover what is needed in each chapter of a certain textbook, what you are teaching in certain classes and much more. When you are done, you can sort your information according to a certain student, class or subject. Can't figure out how to save it? Just swipe your finger up for a tutorial. Teacher Notes will be very useful for parent teacher conferences in the fact that you no longer have to lug around large stacks of papers to meetings you can just pull it up on your phone. With Teacher Notes you see exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it. If you need anything that you have jotted down to be seen by other teachers, staff or parents, just go ahead and email it. Teacher Notes allows you to email your notes, pictures, audio, and video right from the app. You can also record a video about a certain skill taught in class and email it to students with Teacher Notes. The possibilities are limitless.

It's Cool, Creative, and Best of all...Free!