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"Speak the Word" by Bishop Rick Williams Sr.

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Scripture Reference: Matthew 8:1-10, Numbers 22:1-35

The centurion soldier said to Jesus, "Just speak the word."

Question: What are you supposed to say if you cant speak negative, or speak your mind?

Answer: Speak the word!

Balaak saw Israel on a triumphant path to destroy his neighbors. He was afraid he was next. Balaam the soothsayer said the word is, "Who you bless will be blessed, who you curse will be cursed."

Moabite means "seed." They tried to raise up a seed for their father by sleeping with him. This act gave them a bad name. The Moabites were always a problem to Israel.

Balaak sought to have the Israelite's cursed.

"Some people don't want you to succeed. They will say things like, " Oh, its not her/him." "Why you using him/her, she/he doesn't do this best." "These types of people are not for you." "They want someone to curse you."

"Often times people will try to impede your progress."

Balaak tried to stop the Israelites progress.

One verse God said go and in one he said don't go.

Balaak went to the princess then said, "I will go BACK to God to see if he will change his mind."

"Sometimes we keep asking, so God will say yes but he has already said no." Thats what God did in Balaams case. "Sometimes God will let us do what we want but he didnt change his mind."

Because he went, Gods anger kindled against him.

"God has his angels watching over us." "Angels are on assignment to watch over Gods word."

We are the ones talking to God yet we cant hear him. How did the ass see and we cant?

We seek grace and mercy in disobedience.

Balaam didnt see but the ass did. The ass began to talk asking why he hit him 3 times. God opened Balaams eyes to see the angel.

"Everything in creation is voice activated. Example: Elijah and the cloud.

"Creation is tuned in to the word of God."

Example: Mark 11:23 "Say to the mountain."

23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be removed, and be cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Last week Bishop taught on "Dont Say It." This week, he is telling us what to say and what to do.

1. Meditate on Gods word day and night.

"He will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on him."

2. Mutter, speak Gods word only.

"Life and death are in the power of the tongue."

"The bible is the book God has given us for instructions."

3. Speak that which is the written word "logos."

"Learn to speak that which is written."

4. You need to read the word on daily basis.

"The bible is the book of life it tells us everything we need."

5. Obey whats written in Gods word.

"Word of God is discernment to heart of man."

6. You got to obey, hear, do and speak the oracles of God.

"God has given you spoken word."

7. Spend time in prayer.

"When you read the oracles of God the word will jump off the page becoming rhema." "God will speak concerning your situation but you got to get in his word."

He will give you a spoken word. Speak the word only. We speak everything but the word. We speak our opinions traditions what other told us. We formalize the word.

Creation is not tuned to advice or opinions its tuned in to your voice. Creation is waiting for sons of God to manifest. Angels are not waiting for our opinion. They are waiting on you to say something!

Rhema will line up with logos.

Everything is voice activated.

2 Peter 2:15 Way of Balaam is false way. Thats not Gods way or his word. Hiding place in Gods word.

Get back to the manual. Answers you seek are written in his word. Jesus said its written.

Jude 11 Err of Baal- err cause of greediness
Rev 2:14 Doctrine of Baal- Baal put stumbling block between children of Israel.

Balaam could not stop them so he told Moabites how to destroy them. Get them to commit sexual sins and to worship & serve idols.

Doctrine of Baal says sin against your own body. When you intertwine with unbelievers you will have other doctrines mixed in with your relationship with God. They will have a false god and you will find yourself doing some strange things. The whole purpose Is to get you off the word.

Get rooted in the word.

Word Balaak means "waster."

"Those that are giving you this and that, you are wasting your time."

You must come against spirit of waste & get back in house of God.

Stop doing things that cause you to waste your time. Stop wasting time!

Balaam means to "fail" or "wear out."

They knew after a while they would get wore out. The devil is trying to wear you out! Ballam was a foreigner. He wasn't an Israelite.

The world system is the word with a lie in it.

The err of Baal is bound to fail!

Speak the written word obey and do it. This will cause you to walk in the divine. God will give you Rhema. You will get into a dimension that God will say, "Speak and it will happen."

Are you speaking wrong things to others? Begin to speak, "I'm the head not tail, above and not beneath."

Speak the word only. Time out for your opinion.

There is no confusion in God. Learn how to speak the word.

You have dominion. The earth is waiting for you to speak.

Stop talking about each other. Speak the word! What more do you need?

Rhema word:

"Some don't speak the word cause they don't understand authority."

"When you understand authority you will speak authority."

Take each situation in your life, write it down, believe it. Speak the word and the wall will cone down!

Sticks and stones will break bones and words WILL hurt you too!! What are you saying or NOT saying that is causing you to err?

What a powerful message we received today! If you would like to order this anointed teaching, "Speak the Word," by Bishop Rick Williams Sr, please call the church or stop by the C.I.C.A.N bookstore today.

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