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We have BEAUTIFUL weather!

Some small weather info:

We are almost in spring therefore we have a cool transition time right now! Weather for last week was high of 60 with winds ranging from 3-8 mph. First half was SE second half of the week was NW. We had zero precipitation last week! The average humidity reached 86%. The humidity fluctuates a lot! I attempted to predict the weather and actually got pretty close. I guessed that the weather would be around 65-70 degrees with light precipitation. I was very close in temperature but didn't see any precipitation.
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Winter in Tahoe (90 mi Away From EDH)

Who Did I Interview?

I interviewed Drew Davidson. 14 year old at Rolling Hills Middle school in El Dorado Hills, California. He said the weather this past week was very cold and humid but no rain came through.


The temperature around this time of year is usually around 65-70 degrees with light precipitation. It is a small town about a hour away from Sacramento a bigger city. We are at 38, 121. Higher in the northern hemisphere, making it not very hpt.El Dorado Hills is in a spot where hurricanes and tornadoes are not a danger. We are about 1 hour away from the mountains and a lake! The mountains give us great skiing conditions in the winter and a high water level in the lake below. The mountain are a coastal mountain and windward. We are 2 hours away from the ocean which bring lots of precipitation to the mountains for the lake, Lake Tahoe. If we would have been moved in land past the mountains then we would not have very much precipitation. If we were moved closer to the ocean then we would have a hotter climate and more precipitation.