Prince Edward Island

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18 Facts you never knew about PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. The first women to be elected as a premier is Catherine Call beck.

2. One of the most popular places it is the Cavendish Beach it attracts lots of tourist and Anne Of Green Gables house as well .

3. Prince Edward Island is very lucky to have the Anne Of Green gables house on its island .

4. Another tourist attraction is the famous lighthouse , you can dine and look at a breath taking view from the top of the lighthouse .

5. Micmac Indians traveled water ways in the Maritime region with birch bark canoes and put up camps around the shore line.

6. Prince Edward Island has 10% of Canada's population .

7. The Red foxes are Prince Edward Islands largest animal in the national park.

8. Red foxes survive by eating snowshoe hares and meadow voles in the park .

9. Muskrats and beavers live in most ponds of P.E.I,s national park .

Skunks and raccoons were originally brought to the park around the 1900`s .

10 . Prince Edward Island is known for potatoes and potato chips , the reason potatoes grow so well here is because of the rich red soil that is found in the coast of Prince Edward Island

11. Lucy Maud Montgomery was the owner of the Anne Of Green Gables House , the .

Anne Of Green Gables house is now a museum about Lucy Maud Montgomery

12 .Another thing at Prince Edward Island National Park is the Dalvay-by-the-sea at the person who built it is Alexander MacDonald in 1896

13" The birthplace of Confederation " is Charlottetown

14. Charlottetown is located in the south coast of Prince Edward Island

15. Canada joined Prince Edward Island in 1873 and Charlottetown has about 32,500 Canadians

16 . Prince Edward Island declared Charlottetown the capital city in 1769 then became a city in 1855 .

17. Charlottetown got the name from Queen Charlotte of Brittan .

18. Tourists buy souvenirs such as this Mi'kmaq basket made out of birch bark and decorated with dyed porcupine quills .

19. Prince Edward Island has less than 140,00 people and only two city .

20 . Potato's re the money makers because of the red soil , it grows so well that it provides jobs for hundreds of people that live on the island.

21. The national bird of Prince Edward Island is the blue jay and the national flower is the lady's slipper

22. Prince Edward Island is around 224 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide

23. Every time you turn around there is a new beautiful view or amazing smells

A Baby Red Fox Chasing His Tail

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Prince Edward Island, the Anthem