ENSC Weekly Notes

April 20, 2015

Thank you to our Support Staff

As the year comes to an end, I would like to thank our support staff for all they do to ensure our students continue to receive the best education and school experience possible. Our support staff make up about half of our total staff and include secretaries, bus drivers, food service, maintenance, technology, instructional assistants, nurses, resource officers, custodians, media assistants, interpreters, sports and fitness instructors, bus mechanics, safety, energy, special education specialists, and several other people who serve in special positions.

The ENSC support staff are a critical component to our students' and certified staff success. They are often the unsung heroes and the behind the scenes people who create magic, give students the extra confidence they need, take on tasks many others are not fond of, and provide support to our certified staff everyday.

Thank you for all you do for our students, families, and staff. You are important to our success, you are important to our students, and you are important to our staff. You make a positive difference everyday!

School Board Meeting

This week's meeting is held at South Side Elementary. Board members will receive an overview of Near Pod and Donna Mossburg is going to talk about F.A.M.E. Board members will be asked to approve ENSC to apply for the IDOE Flex Days for 2015-2016. You may remember, IDOE Flex days are the planned eLearning days. Two days are going to be requested and will be used to provide certified and classified professional development opportunities.

Recognition Event

Monday, May 4 is the Retiree/Teacher of the Year Recognition Dinner. Please plan to attend and recognize these special, dedicated staff members.

Reservations are due to Cathy Wright by Friday, April 24.

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Knight in Training

Thank you to our technology coaches and technology department for the creation of the Knight in Training flipped professional development using Canvas accounts. This is a great way to earn PGP points for license renewal and learn more about technology and technology basics. The videos and lessons are a pilot for now; however, next fall, additional lessons will be created and implemented. If you haven't tried these lessons, I recommend you set aside some time to explore Knight in Training. The deadline for the pilot lessons and the drawing is this Friday, April 24.

All Star of the Week

This week's all star comes to us from the Alternative Learning Center. Jeff Johnson has worked for East Noble for three years and all of those years have been spent at the ALC. Jeff came to us from Fort Wayne Community Schools where he taught high school math. He still gets the opportunity to teach math to high schools students, but he has added several other subjects to his resume since coming to the ALC. The ALC staff and students are lucky to have such an experienced and patient teacher in the building. He has the ability to get students to achieve and overcome academic difficulties and experience success in school.

Jeff lives with his wife Nancy. Whenever possible he is on the road traveling to see his grandchildren.

Thank you Jeff for all you do for the ALC staff and students!

And the Cookies go to......

Rome City Elementary for the second week in a row! Thank you Rome City staff for all you do for the students and families of ENSC.

Rome City Elementary - 98 percent

Avilla Elementary - 97.2 percent

East Noble High School - 96.4 percent

South Side Elementary - 95.8 percent

East Noble Middle School - 95.1 percent

North Side Elementary - 94.3 percent

Wayne Center Elementary - 92.2 percent

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Curriculum and Building Notes

Submitted by Becca Lamon and Building Principals


Grading with a Rubric

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the use of rubrics at the 6+1 Writing Traits trainings. Rubrics inform students of what the expectations are for an assignment. They should be given to students at the beginning of the assignment to help their understanding of the expectations. But, students also need to know how the rubric will be used to determine the grade. In last week’s training, I shared the formula that is best to use.

Sum of scores/number of traits scored x 10 + 50

This means that if you use a 1, 3, 5 rubric the maximum number of points, if grading all seven traits, would be 35 points. I then gave an example of a student who received 32 points. Using 32 points, the student receives a 96% on the assignment.

(32/7 x 10) + 50 = 96/100 = 96%

But, how can that be? 32/35 is 91.4%. Why am I giving away more points? Here is the rationale:

When using a rubric that starts with a 1, (Which is best – why would you inform students how to get no points with a zero? Our goal is to show students how to work, not show them how to avoid work.) the assumption is that a 1 represents a low level of mastery. The student has completed something but it falls short of the mastery level. The key to this statement is that he/she has demonstrated something towards the standard. The “something” then is recognized as a D or D- on traditional grading scales. The traditional averaging of 32/35 assumes that there is a zero. However, we don’t have a zero in the rubric. So, a student who scores a 1 in every category would receive a 60%.

(7/7 x 10) + 50 = 60/100 = 60%

This student would not fail. They performed work toward the mastery of the standards. They met the minimum expectation. And, since grades are meant to inform not punish, the student should redo the assignment to gain more mastery, but should not be punished with an F.

Alternative Learning Center

It was a busy week at the ALC. Kim Myers from the Ivy Tech ASAP program presented to the students about what the program can offer them. Several students were interested in the program and filled out cards for more information. College readiness and secondary education are talked about on a regular basis at the ALC.

The YWCA presented the Eyes Wide Open program to all students this week also. This program is a domestic violence prevention and education program. The students were very active participants and had great questions at the end.

Even with all the presentations this week the students were still able to be productive and earn credits. We are closing in on the end of the year, so there are several students preparing to graduate. Congratulations to our newest graduate, Donna Handshoe! Good luck to her in all her future endeavors.

Avilla Elementary

This past Tuesday evening Avilla welcomed OUR newest students at kindergarten round-up. We had well over forty families with students present and ready to begin the journey to college with their child. We would like to thank the PTO for being there and talking with OUR new families about all of the wonderful things that happen because of you. We would like to thank Mrs. Brown for being there and reading a story with OUR upcoming kindergarteners. Thank you to Nurse Hardisty for being there and talking with families. Thanks to the NEHS members present to help lead students and parents to classrooms and activities. A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Flowers and Ms. Ackerman for being there and taking care of all the paper work. This is one of my favorite evenings of the school year. It is so exciting to see youngsters so excited about school!

This week will be very busy also. The Book Fair will be open every day for students to purchase new books! The Book Fair will also be open during OUR PTO Carnival this Friday evening. Games begin at 6:00 and we hope to see everyone there. If you would still like to help out in some way please contact the school at 897-2301. Midterm reports will be going home later this week with your child please make sure you take a look at that.

Upcoming events: Muffins with Mom on May 5, Spring Concert for grades 1, 3, and 5 on May 6th. DAP Catering will be held on May 22nd.

East Noble High School

As we begin the final descent towards the end of the year, our English department is poised to build off of last year’s success. The 2014 ECA’s proved to be rather positive, and with the continuation, dedication, and hard work by the students and staff we are expecting even better returns on our effort this year. The sophomore class represents the first class of trimester students to have the opportunity to take two full years of English prior to their ECA. Last year’s non-honor sophomores had one year and our ECA score improved 9%. As you can see, we are eager to see a big jump again this year as this year’s non-honors English sophomores have now had 6 trimesters of English instead of just 4. Combine this exposure to our building wide focus of writing in the content areas grounded in the proven 6+1 traits and you can see why we are expecting good things this testing cycle.

Some 9th grade English classes have begun reading Into Thin Air. Along with reading this non-fiction piece, students are working on research projects over various topics related to Mount Everest and the novel. Other 9th grade classes are completing The Odyssey and are writing a hero narrative

The ECA Remediation classes have been working on root words and literary terms, and we began reading I Am The Cheese. While Mrs. Swonger’s 10th grade class is now a newspaper staff. Each student has an assigned position at the Thebes Times and are working on their articles related to the story of Antigone. Mrs. Swonger’s life skills language arts class received a letter from a life skills class in Hastings, Nebraska asking for a letter back and inviting us to join The Great Mail Race. We are working on sending letters to a high school from each state in the United States.

Some 11th grade classes have been learning all about the Harlem Renaissance and the Roaring 20s (bootlegging, prohibition, gangsters, and all that fun stuff). They’ll start reading The Great Gatsby, and they’ll follow with a persuasive essay on the novel.

Seniors are getting ready for the Senior Exit Interviews. Mrs. Arnett and Miss Brown’s classes have had a guess speaker from IBC come in to talk to their students about interview techniques and how to present themselves to employers. The exit interview gives our students a chance to experience and get more comfortable with a professional interview. On May 4th (the high school’s flex eLearning Day), over 200 EN seniors will be coming in for interviews. Every teacher and high school administrator will be here to interview students. The interviews start at 8:00 and will continue throughout the day. Each student will be interviewed by at least 2 teachers/administrators. The interviews will consist of frequently asked questions by employers and questions about their East Noble experience. The seniors also had to write 3 personal reflective essays and either a professional resume or an activity resume. This process allows our students to have an experience that will help them standout when looking for a career.

Last Saturday members of the English Department hosted a practice test day. Students could sign up to participate in the ECA, AP 11, AP 12, or SAT practice test. Students were provided tips, rules, and practice time for these tests. The tests were graded and discussed with the students as they enjoyed pizza. This productive day should have a great pay off for our students.

East Noble Middle School

Students and staff have been busy preparing for round 2 of ISTEP that will begin on Thursday, April 23, and will go through Thursday, April 30. As we all know this is a very important test and anything that students can do to better prepare themselves will definitely benefit them. Some important things to remember:


1. Take all review seriously, get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast.


1. Follow the directions, use time wisely, double check your answers.

4. Make educated guesses when necessary


1. Celebrate – You have done your BEST!

The ENMS track teams had a busy start to their regular season. On Monday, April 13, they ran against Garrett at home, and on Tuesday travelled to Carroll to race Carroll and Churubusco. The boys beat Busco, while dropping matches to Carroll and Garrett. Tthe girls beat Busco and Garrett while falling to Carroll.

The first golf match of the season was completed on April 15. All players played very well for their first outing and learned a great deal about competitive play. ENMS Knights, however, dropped their first match by only a few strokes to Angola but was able to defeat Eastside. For a young and inexperienced team, the results show good potential for a successful season.

North Side Elementary

The student body was abuzz this week as students and staff gathered to celebrate meeting and exceeding their fundraising target in the Pennies for Patients fundraiser. Principal Mickey Wagner took three pies to the face from students and staff alike. The fun continued as two lucky students won remote control race cars in a raffle based on their hard work last year. The festivities concluded with a video designed to pump students up for the upcoming ISTEP+ assessment. It was a rowdy time but the students all left buzzing. North Side was honored at the beginning of the assembly to welcome three members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Second grade teacher Keeley Ebert was presented with an American Flag to be displayed in the lobby of the school by her grandma, Ardean Ebert, a vice regent in the organization.

Earlier in the week North Side welcomed 38 incoming Kindergarten students and their families! The kiddos got to go on a bus ride, do an activity in the library, and play in the gym all while their parents got to learn exciting details about things like shot records and registration. Many thanks to all the volunteers that helped at each of these events!

Rome City Elementary

Romans use technology everywhere they go! This week in gym class, Mrs. Krebs had fourth grade students utilizing the app called Tabada. Students loved doing a variety of exercises to improve their stamina with building muscles. Students were spread throughout the gym all doing different exercises. Every single student was engaged.

Rome City Sixth Graders visited JA BizTown on Friday. Students were responsible for manning the Utility Company, Education Center, Career Center, Professional Offices, Manufacturing Center, and Broadcast Center. Throughout the day citizens were charged with business operations including obtaining a start-up loan, processing payroll, and marketing their business to make it successful. Each business represented by Rome City students worked hard and was able to repay their loan by the end of the day. BizTown citizens also had a chance to manage their personal finances and shop within their community. Congratulations go to Matthew Smith and Kylie Garton who were chosen as Citizens of the Day and to Landin Garner for earning a college degree! Way to go, Romans!

South Side Elementary

Recently, South Side Elementary held their annual Data Quiz Bowl competition. Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders studied important facts and information relating to Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Awareness. Winners representing SSES at the county competition were fourth graders: Malori Smith, Sierra Hamann; fifth graders: Canaan Gamble Mikiah McDonald; and sixth graders: Alissa Hamann, Mackennzie Wisner. Winning the county competition from SSES were Mikiah McDonald and Alissa Hamann. They will compete in the regional competition on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Congratulations Trailblazers!

Our fourth graders have been engaged in reviewing our Science standards. To study the forces that act on an airplane, we held a paper airplane tournament. The competition was about balancing the thrust from the person throwing the plane to the lift, weight, and air resistance acting against the plane. To examine the effects of length on pitch, we teamed up to listen to the snap of rubber bands. Students noticed that the shorter the band, the higher the pitch of the snap.

We are looking forward to another great week!

Wayne Center Elementary

Wayne Center students traveled into outer space through a lyrical dance performance by members of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective. Students became asteroids, comets, the moon and other celestial items in the performance as the dancers took the students on a journey to each planet. Students learned facts about each planet along the way. Not only did the students learn about our solar system, but they were exposed to the art of lyrical dance. This performance was a culminating activity to the FAME Festival which our students participated in.

Kindergarten Round Up was held this week too. Incoming kindergarten students were able to play some fun games in the gym, had story time in the library, and learned about bus safety through taking a ride on one of our school busses. Parents received important information regarding health and wellness for their child in addition to learning about our kindergarten and guidance counseling programs. We look forward having the children in kindergarten next year!

The week ended with our annual school carnival sponsored by PAC. Students and their families had great fun playing the many games that PAC members prepared. Attendees also got to take a chance at dunking a favorite staff member in the dunk tank, and they were quite successful! Great food was available for dinner, and the silent auction was a favorite for many of the adults too. We appreciate all the work PAC members put in to having such a great carnival for our families!