At A Glance


The concepts that Communism is based upon were founded by Karl Marx and Fredrich Erglas. Both of whom were social scientest and togehter they coauthored The Communist Manfesto.

Baic Ideas

The basic idea of communism is that the government controls everything. Not just on an economical scale but every aspect of ones life. For exapmle the government would control trade regulation with other countires, the value of currency, how much each citizen makes, and even to the extent of how many children each couple could have. As we see in China, the government is ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep the rulers power in his own reigns.


China, Cuba, and North Korea are the three main countries in the world that still have a Communist government.

Personal Opinion

I do not believe in this type of government at all. Growing up in the United States where i have so many rights and availible things to enjoy it seems wrong to take away such freedom from other people. I believe that communism will not last much longer being that it has died out in so many places. The most known would be the Soviet Union (Russia) and East Germany (when the Berlin Wall was still up). Both of wich fell soon after the Cold War ended. I believe this because in a world where mass trade with other coiuntries is nessasery as well as treating other people with respect and dignity and giving them more rights than just work something like Communism can not last much longer.