Research Participants Wanted

Forming an Indigenist Perspective

We need participants!

During the next few months, new research will be conducted to explore the concepts and ideas behind the shaping of an Indigenist perspective. It is our hope that, with the aid of our Indigenous Advisers and participants just like you, we will create a living, evolutionary idea of what it means have an Indigenist perspective.

While often confused with the word Indigenous, the ideas and concepts behind the word Indigenist are very different. An Indigenist perspective is rooted in anti-racist, feminist, anti-oppressive and Indigenous frameworks, and is focused on being supportive of First Nation's ideals, beliefs and concerns. In addition, having an Indigenist perspective does not require one to be of First Nation's heritage, nor does it seek to appropriate First Nation's ways of knowing. Think of the word Indigenist as being aware and curious about First Nation's people, the historical context of our shared past, and the ideas of Colonialism, Racism and Oppression.

To learn more, or to get involved, contact me below!