Welcome Wildcats!

Here you can find all information for you new wildcats


Principal: Jund, Nicole ( JundN@lisd.net )

Assistant Principal: Deister, Beri ( Deisterbl@lisd.net )

Assistant Principal: Hawes, Jennifer (HawesJ@lisd.net )

What is hour block lunch?

Hour Block Lunch is where you eat lunch for 30 minutes (either A lunch or B lunch) and then go to a club for 30 minutes. A and B lunch is what we call 30 minutes of lunch.


If you have a question when you are in school feel free to ask a teacher for help,

Or if you don't need the question when you are in school but you need it at home visit our website. http://www.lisd.net/creekvalley

How long are classes on flex days? The class is 65 minutes long

What is the tank? It is a place for kids who don't have their trust cards

Can you do Athletics and Band? Yes you can do both

What is mentor Monday? Mentor Monday is every Monday during hour block lunch and the mentors are going to help you with any problems.

Parent Info

If your parents is wondering about you when you are in school but they don't know how to get info about something or what your grades are visit our website. http://www.lisd.net/creekvalley

Or if they need to know about LISD visit www.lisd.net

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