Virtual Exhibitor Fair

Following are the exhibitors who you would have met at our AT-TIES Together Conference this year. We thank these service agencies and product vendors for their ongoing support!

AT Makers

Bill Binko, Founder

Helping Makers Help Others introduces Makers and Assistive Technology (AT) users and give these two communities the tools they need to collaborate.

AT users and those who support them desperately need engineers and technologists to help them with everyday tasks. High School STEM and Robotics students, hobbyists & DIY electronics enthusiasts have the skills necessary to create innovative solutions today.

Join founder Bill Binko as has shares the journey of this movement and how you and your students can become involved.

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C.A.T.O - Coalition for Assistive technology in Oregon

This short session will explain how to apply for a grant from CATO as well as showcasing the print resources produced and sold by CATO. These resources including Education Tech Points, Pointers for Parents, and AT Quick Sheets, were written by CATO volunteers, Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed and the proceeds from the sale of these products is what funds the grants.

The Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon (CATO) is a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status.

CATO provides assistive technology to Oregon children with disabilities and their families through a long-term loan program. To qualify for a long-term AT loan from CATO a team of people who are familiar with the child agree to support the AT use, provide evidence of a successful trial period with the equipment and submit data to demonstrate that the technology has the potential to make a difference for the child.

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Cognitopia, LLC

Dr. Tom Keating, CEO

In our combined 40 years researching assistive technology and caring for individuals with autism and other cognitive disabilities, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges facing people who see the world a little differently. Our team has expertise in designing, developing, and implementing simple solutions to everyday problems that improve life.

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C-Pen Reader/Scanning Pens

C-Pen Reader/Scanning Pens

Jodi Szuter, Director of Strategy

Scanning Pens is a company filled with passionate people working hard to help improve student outcomes while removing the barriers and stigma that comes from struggling to read.

Our CEO, Jack Churchill, has dyslexia and feels it is every person’s human Right to Read!

Join us to learn effective ways ReaderPens can help with Remote Learning as well as creating an inclusive classroom (no WiFi necessary). Scanning Pens have been a game changer for anyone who struggles in reading. They promote independence and develop confident readers. People of all ages say our pens are easy to use and reduce their anxiety when reading, taking notes, researching & during exams. One of our company goals is to improve people’s learning experience and literacy. We want to level the playing field and give access to curriculum for all learners!

We offer Free Trials to Education Facilities, Corporations and Parents.

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Discovery Toys with the Toy Lady

Jan Montecucco

Discovery Toys products are designed with the understanding that children learn best through play. From birth to school aged children learn through physically interacting with the environment using all of their senses to build new knowledge.

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eLearning and beyond….Assistive Technology matters more than ever!

Don Johnston Human Learning Tools

Ruth Ziolkowski, President

Special education is a service not a place. But with the shift to eLearning, supporting students with IEPs has never been more difficult.

Districts are facing challenges: 1. Helping students with IEPs access the curriculum through eLearning platforms 2. Supporting teachers as they accommodate a wide range of student needs 3. Aligning with parents as they support their child(ren) at home

As districts scramble to address these issues, they are putting accommodations in place using Assistive Technology to address many of these issues and help students work more independently.

Join Ruth Ziolkowski as she shares how reading, writing, and learning accommodations can help administrators, practitioners, and parents as they support eLearning for students with IEPs.

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Introducing Forbes Products and Services

Bridget Gilormini, MST-SLP, ATP

Forbes AAC

Forbes Rehab Services, Inc.

Come learn about the Forbes family of communication devices and meet the OR Assistive Technology Specialist Bridget Gilormini. In addition to learning about the Forbes AAC devices learn about the various services provided to support SLPs, teams and families as they take the communication journey for the nonverbal communicator in their life.

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Strategies for Distance Learning for Struggling Readers

Strategies for Distance Learning for Struggling Readers

Learning Ally

Terrie Noland, CALP

Vice-President of Educator Initiatives at Learning Ally

When you consider the complexities of providing intervention, accommodations, and other supports for struggling readers in a distance earning environment, the task becomes overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be though! Join this webinar where Terrie Noland will offer some tips, techniques, and strategies designed to keep your students learning and thriving. You will not only learn about some great strategies, ideas, and tools, but you will hear specifically about the Learning Ally audiobook solution and how to engage students in authentic learning.

And as a bonus, you will get the ‘pep talk’ you need!

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Visual Supports in a UDL Classroom: A Distance Learning Perspective

Beth Poss

Director of Educational Initiatives for LessonPix

Today's classroom is increasingly diverse and with the recent need to move to distance learning platforms, we face additional challenges to equity and inclusion. This session will help general educators, special educators, assistive technology team members, therapists, and others consider how to create a learning environment that is responsive to students in the context of today’s crisis and that can inform our instruction in the future. This session will examine the role that visual supports play in designing curriculum and therapy materials in the physical, social, temporal and virtual environment, highlighting best practices for students with and without disabilities, that provides for the active, inclusive and meaningful participation of ALL learners. Participants will learn about strategies and resources that can be used in distance learning, teletherapy, parent coaching models and will enhance what we do once we are back in our classrooms. We will focus on how to leverage LessonPix and other learning resources as essential components in any universally designed for learning setting, including the creation of visual supports, resources for communication, and designing engaging, accessible curriculum materials.

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PRC & Saltillo

PRC-Saltillo is committed to providing helpful solutions and enabling individuals with speech and language impairments to successfully communicate and interact in their environment. We strive to provide the most effective assistive technology products along with comprehensive support and service. Now, more than ever, supporting our clients to ensure all have a voice is of the utmost importance. This session will describe PRC-Saltillo’s implementation supports including the AAC Language Lab, the Saltillo Chat Corner, our vocabulary emulation software programs, and more. Join Jason Smith (PRC Regional Consultant) and Eliza Smith (Saltillo Regional Consultant) as they explore how these implementation tools can help support you and your clients in our new virtual world.

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Smartbox Assistive Technology, Ltd

Chris Gibbons, PhD, CCC-SLP

VP of Business Development & Education

We create technology to help children and adults with disabilities communicate, access computers and control the environment around them. From learning in new and interactive ways to intuitive and efficient communication for text and symbol users, we have solutions to support you now and in the future. Find out more and contact us at, your questions are always welcome.

Click here for an invitation from Chris Gibbons, VP of Education and Assessment at Smartbox Assistive Technology

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Accommodations and Remote Learning


Nora Trentacoste, Regional Sales Director

Learn tips, tricks and tools to help with Accommodations for Remote Learning. In addition to free access to Texthelp tools for the rest of the school year, we'll share best practices, content resources, free templates and strategies and what's working in this Wild West of Remote Learning thrust upon us. We'll have time to explore hands on as well as share strategies.

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Oregon Technology Access Program & Regional and Statewide Services for Students with Orthopedic Impairments

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