Show your Strength Campaign

Together we can end sickle cell and find a cure.

World Sickle Cell Day: Show your strength

Sickle the Cycle presents...

Paint the Internet Red Campaign: Show your Strength

What to do:

On June 19th- 26th (World Sickle Cell Day) make a post about sickle cell disease on any social media platform

What to post:

- facts on sickle cell disease

-you and/or your affiliation's support of sickle cell

- any images related to sickle cell

-videos of day in life of a sickle cell patient or what a pain crisis is like

- pictures of families and patients with sickle cell

*** Select posts will be featured in a surprise event

* make sure to tag #sicklestrength, #sicklethecycle, @sicklethecycle and you or your organization

Let's sickle the cycle so the cycle can't sickle our cells!

Who we are:

Sickle the Cycle's mission is to raise awareness about the chronic and debilitating effects of the genetic condition sickle cell disease in order to better educate the community about the risks affiliated with the condition. We hope to lessen the disease's world-wide impact on the children and minority groups it primarily affects by improving the quality of health care the patients receive. Sickle the Cycle aims to identify carriers by making the screening process more accessible to prevent the inheritance of sickle cell and by promoting online resources that can be used internationally for healthcare providers and those with the disease.