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Thursday 9th December 2021

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Kura Tuatahi Toko

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Kounga ako mo katoa i roto i te taiao e atawhai ana.

Dear Parents and Friends of our school Kia Ora/Bora Da/Konichi Wa/Hello

It most certainly has been another interesting year for us all. I wish to thank you all for your generosity, kindness and consideration over the year. The support within our school and wider community is truly valued and appreciated.

I am sure that you will all agree with me that our movie screening of Dancing Through the Decades was a real hit. Our students and teachers are amazing! A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to pull this altogether and I would like to acknowledge the staff for the time and effort they have put into this!!!

Just a reminder that the last day of school is Wednesday 15th December. We will be finishing school at 12.00. All buses will be running on this day to take our children home at 12.00.

Kim Waite



Did you love our show??? We have the show available on memory sticks for sale and can be ordered through this document here. They are $15.00 each and need to be either paid in cash or through our school bank account. The details are found on the doc. Because the show has been greatly received, parents are now wishing to purchase this to send to grandparents etc, and to have as a reminder, so we have extended the close off date to Friday 10th December at 4pm. No late orders will be accepted.

These will be handed out on Monday and payment MUST be made by Friday.


At present we are busy finishing off end of year school requirements as well as planning for 2021.

We can confirm the following class organisation for 2022 remains unchanged from this year:

Room 1 - New Entrant Year 1 - Miss Mancer

Room 2 - Year 1 - 2 - Mrs Oliver

Room 3 - Year 4 - 5 - Mrs Coulson

Room 4 - Year 3 - 4 - Mrs Fergus

Room 5 - Year 6 - 8 - Mrs Fuller

Room 6 - Year 6 - 8 - Miss Smith

Mrs Hancock will be released from the classroom next year and will be working across multiple rooms and in the Acting Principal role 2 days per week when Mrs Waite is workig on her Kahui Ako Lead Principal role.

Part Time - Mrs Eagar and Mrs Wyllie

If your child is going to be in a split class (eg 3/4 or 4/5) letters are being sent home today to advise parents of which class their child will be going into. All children will meet with their new teacher and classmates for 2022 on Monday 13th December at 2pm.


Just a reminder that our Year 8 leavers dinner is on Monday night. We are very proud of our Year 8 students and for the first time we would like to acknowledge them by having our Kapa Haka group honour our students and send them off onto the next part of their journey. Details have been sent home to our kapa-haka group. Just a reminder that because of COVID, no parents of kapahaka children will be allowed into the Toko Hall, you must remain outside.

SEESAW (Year 6 - 8 only) / SCHOOL APP CHANGES 2022

We are delighted to launch our new communication and reporting system, Hero. As mentioned in previous newsletters our student management system has gone into receivership and as a result we have to make a few changes to some of the platforms we use.

Hero allows schools to build an online environment that reflects our unique context. It enables teachers, students, and families to view and share content anytime, anywhere on any device. The software is secure, easy to use and brings together all school-related information in one place.

We are excited about the features that Hero has to offer families. These include the ability for parents and caregivers to

  • read and comment on posts relating to your child’s learning
  • read and comment on school notices sent to the class or groups your child is part of
  • respond to school notices such as surveys and trip permission requests
  • view school term dates
  • view a school calendar of events
  • notify the school if your child is absent or late
  • navigate to other school-related webpages
  • customise your account by adding a profile image
  • select how you wish to receive notifications

Over the upcoming year, staff and students will be posting rich content to our Hero software and we are looking forward to sharing this with you to include you in your child’s learning journey.

Learning posts combined with curriculum information and goal-setting will form an online report designed to build year on year so that over time you will have access to written posts, images, video, work samples, and helpful resources all in one place.

As a result we will no longer be using the school app and children in Years 6 - 8 will no longer be using Seesaw.

For information about Hero including how to log in, go to Hero.


Book sale - On Monday we will be holding a book sale for a gold coin donation per book. This will be held between morning tea and lunch outside Room 5. All proceeds will go towards purchasing new literacy resources for the school.


These interviews were well received by both teachers and parents in the previous years and we will now continue to do these again in the future. It is a great link between home and school for both teachers and children. They will be held on Monday 31st January and will run from 8:00am to 6:00pm and will take 15 minutes. Please ensure you arrive on time to each interview. In order to make things easier, please complete this Homework for Caregivers.

The booking website is open from 4pm today.

1. Go to Enter our school code: 337hh
2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.

3. Select the teachers you'd like by ticking the checkbox beside their name, and then click the "Book Interviews' button at the bottom of the page.

4. Using the timetable, click the 'Book" button beside the time slot you'd like to book for the teacher. You'll be asked to confirm your booking.

5. Continue until you've booked all the teachers.

6. Once you're finished, you can view your timetable by clicking 'My Interviews' at the top of the page. You can also print a PDF timetable to take to your interviews.

Before your interviews, you'll receive an email reminder containing your timetable. If you need to cancel any interviews, you'll receive an email reminder containing your timetable. If you need to cancel any interviews, you can do so by following the link in the email you received when you first signed up. If you can't book online, you will be able to book via the school office from Monday 24th January.

Classes begin on Tuesday 1st February.


  • Year 3 - 5 Camp forms should all be returned and Police Vetting forms must be completed and returned to the office by this Friday.
  • Lost Property is on display in the hall. Please pop down and have a look through the pile.
  • School Accounts -Can you please ensure these have been paid in full.


Personal head-phones and pencil cases must be brought to school for all students. These are something that will need to be purchased by families. We will not have these for sale at school. If you have any questions abouth this, please chat with your child's classroom teacher.


We seem to have misplaced or lost the following library books. Could you please check at home for the following:

- Amazing Acrobats

- Fast flight

- Fighter planes

- Hansel & Gretel

- Helicopters

- Hero at Dunkirk

- Minecraft guide to exploration

- Trains

Senior Novel sets

Archies Adventures

Winning Touch

Kaimanawa Princess

Restless Spirit


Because of Winn Dixie

Stay where you are, then leave.


The school pool is ready to use from this weekend. If you would like to use our school pool over the summer can you please contact: to receive a key. If you have a key and are not going to be using the pool can this please be returned so you are not charged for the 2021/2022 summer swim season. The price is $50 per key, including a $10 bond.

When visiting the pool you will be required to scan in and follow all other health recommendations. These include - distancing from people you don't know, staying home if you are sick and scanning in

\We ask this year that you do not bring visitors with you to the pool and that the pool is only used by the family that has purchased a key.

Please ensure when using the school pool you follow the pool rules and if there is something you need to report, please call the school and leave a message on the school phone as this is checked regularly over the holidays.


A powhiri is going to be held on Friday 4th Febraury, 9:30am for ALL new students. New students are those who arrived after 25th June 2021 and before 4th February 2022. New whanau to the school and school children will meet at the gate by the bus shelter and three of our mums will karanga on the children/whanau to the basketball court. From there we will finish the powhiri. A note will go home about this in the new year.


This year we are unable to hold our annual thank you Christmas morning tea. So today we are sending all our amazing helpers a virtual chocolate fish. Thank you so much to all you give to our school, our tamariki and our community. We really are very lucky to have so many special people assisting us on a daily basis!!!


Next year we will continue to have Claudia Bluett taking piano lessons. if you would like your child to have lessons from Claudia, the cost is $26 per lesson ($260 for the term), plus $7 travel perterm. Claudia teaches all ages, from beginners to the more advanced. If you would like to know further details, please contact Clauid on (06) 278 5726. To register your child, please ring the office or email



This has been shared with us from the Ministry of Social Development. Well worth a read and making a plan - COVID - 19 READINESS CHECKLIST
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