By: Aiden Toussaint

Resources and Economy of Argentina

Q: How much money do they spend on Argentina in a year?

A: They spend at least $1,000 a month so think about how much money they spend in a whole year

The culture of Argentina

Q: Does Argentina have certain sports they like to play other than soccer? I also know that in spanish " Buenos" means good. So does Buenos Aires mean good airs?

A: Other than soccer Argentinians play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, polo and field hockey.Pedro de Mendoza established the first settlement there. Nuestra Senora Santa Maria del Buen Aire ("Our lady St. Mary of the good air.")

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The History of Argentina

Q: Who was the founder of Argentina and how did "Argentina" get its name?

A:Juan Diaz was the founder and the first person to set foot on this land. It was named Argentina because Argentina means silver with a Latin term. Or silvery in a Spanish adjective

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Geography of Argentina

Q: (The Andes tower over Argentina) Who named the Andes and how did they come up with its name?

A: The Incas named the Andes. They also compared it to a vulture ( One of the worlds highest flying bird.) That was how they came up with the name.

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The flag of Argentina

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