Sammy Davis Jr

by Ella Beemer

Back Story

Sammy Davis Jr was born December 8 1925. He started Show Biz at a young age and later on performed with his father in the Will Mastin Trio. He could sing and dance,tap dance and even do comedy. During World War II, Davis was drafted into the war but was abused by other solders because he was black. After the war, he went back to Show biz. He performed in Casinos and on stage. Several years later he was in a car accident that almost killed him, causing to shatter his face and lose his left eye. He died at age 64 of throat cancer, caused by life long smoking on May 16 1990.


Sammy Davis jr was apart of The rat gang,and performed the candy man. He also walked with Martin Luther King Jr. He over came all the racial hurdles in his career.He even married his first wife (who is a Swiss Actor) when interracial marriage was illegal in 31 states.