All about me

Marc vilamitjana 3rd B


hello my name is Marc, I'm 14 years old and I live in Vilanna (Bescanó) with my dad, my mom, my brother and my grandmother. I have a mascot too, a cat. I'm shy, sociable, well educated and i like cleaning. I am too a hardworking person.

Likes and dislikes

My hobbies are cycling, playing football, basketball, play darts, and more... And I hate swimming, playing volleyball and going with scooter. These are the sports that I like less. My favourite animals are cats , dogs and wolves. My favourite food is pasta and my favourite fruits are oranges. My favourite music is pop. My favourite season of the year is summer.

Phisical description

I Weight 69 kg and my height is 1.78 m. I have brown hair and white skin, but in summer it turns brunette. I have light-grey eyes.