Remote Learning in a Hybrid Model

WTPS Elementary Level

What do remote days look like for hybrid and remote learners?

We are all familiar with in-person learning, but what does instruction look like for my child on remote learning days in a hybrid model or if my child is all remote? We hope the questions and answers below will help clarify key components.

What does the day look like during remote learning days?

Remote Learning Days

When students in Cohorts A, B, and R will be following our full remote schedule, they will be starting their day following the early and late school schedule: Early Schools: (9:05) or Late Schools (9:30). Each day will continue to begin with a recorded overview from the classroom teacher, and all daily lessons will be organized into Schoology. Many of these lessons will have recorded components so directions and instruction can be delivered. Students may have individual synchronous supports scheduled for specialized programs: basic skills, special education, instrumental music, etc. As noted later in this communication, we are working to continue meeting in a synchronous format for a component of the day. We will be in communication once this is tested and we have a viable solution.

*Please note, families do have flexibility on what time to begin the day and/or complete the learning activities. The only required times will be any synchronous (live) meetings/sessions that will be set up with your child. However, if you can follow the typical school day, it will allow for feedback to be timely.

** This Wednesday, September 23, school is closed for all students for teacher in-service. Special area lessons should be completed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday.

Why does my child see recorded videos from other teachers?

All of our teachers are "Virtual Teachers"!

As our teachers design lessons for students, our goal is to provide strong standards-based learning activities for all learners. With that goal in mind, we've required our teachers to work collaboratively in professional learning communities (PLCs) across the district to share resources and develop lessons that could be used and modified for each classroom. Therefore, your child may see other district "virtual teachers" explaining a lesson or activity in a video recording. In other words, we have asked our teachers to divide the digital creation workload, so they may adequately address all student progress while focusing on both hybrid and remote students.

In addition, several of our publishers have created fabulous digital lessons that align with our pacing and curriculum. Your child may see this content in Fundations lessons (Fun Hub), Wit and Wisdom Lessons (In Sync), and even some math supplemental supports. It is important to note that your child's teacher(s) will be assigning these lessons and reviewing all student work submitted. This information will be used to address individual and whole class needs.

What is going to happen to the "Daily Synchronous Meetings" during the hybrid model?

Daily Synchronous (Live) Meetings

Once our hybrid in-person students arrive, our teachers will be busy reviewing safety procedures and delivering/monitoring in-person instruction. Our in-person instruction and activities mirror the learning activities of the remote students and include video recordings of mini lessons and key information for all learners.

We also have some teachers exploring the best way to connect our hybrid learners and remote learners daily, not just on Wednesdays. Although this is challenging, our hope is that there will be an easy solution for in-person and remote learners to connect. If your child is in a class exploring a live experience with all learners, we thank you in advance for your patience as we anticipate some technical challenges. Once we obtain this feedback, your child's teacher will communicate how and when this daily connection will take place.

When should I expect a response from the teacher?

As in the past, teachers have 24 hours to respond to emails and phone calls. We recognize that many teachers respond much sooner. However, teachers may need the full time to try to address your situation. Clearly, technological difficulties are frequent, so if your child cannot access a resource, we fully understand. We'll work together with you and demonstrate flexibility. We truly appreciate your partnership with us. Also, you are encouraged to visit the following resource to support your child as you await a response: Schoology Guide for Parents.pptx

Hurffville Families

Please look for communication from your school and child's teacher regarding instruction for the week. It will look slightly different due to the school's continued closing. We are excited for our hybrid Hurffville students to return on 9/28/20.
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