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What students need to know when they are in school.

When student get a job they need to learn how to mange their money. Students can open a back account to save their money. Keeping all your saved money at home would not be good because it can get stolen and you won't get any credits. If student get a credit card they need to learn how to handle their credit card and not go bankrupt and when using a credit card you have to pay every mouth for your credit card. Before you use your debit card, make sure you know your checking account balance.

When student want to get loans for college they could go to their bank to get loans but it depends if they have a good credit score. If they have a bad credit score student could go to a credit union and get loans from there. Student need to learn to mange their debt and they can do this by having a bank account and check it once a week

Students could start building a credit score buy getting a credit.


College students

Having a full time job when attending college makes it hard to focus on other bills that need attention to like electricity bills, and car loans. Most college students have student loans which can be paid after graduating college but that does not mean they should not start saving up to build their wea!the and maintain a good credit score. They should pay bills on time, and must understand that charging more money on a credit card can develop debt which later on can be hard to pay off; they should make sure that they make full payments and be free from debt. They should learn of ways to start building wealth to pay off their college loans, and meet car payment on time. College students are mostly adults and they know that saving early and putting money for future use like paying off college loans in a secure bank with at least one kind of investment that will ensure wealth growth over time. To keep a good credit score, they should pay all bills on time.
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Older adults probably have less debt since they have been working for a long time, and has been paying it off. They save and invest more money to secure their rrputatioin when they retire, and they manage credit through retirement programs like pension can help them as they go along. They manage their credit report by paying off debt and paying on time.
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