Guess, Check and Revise

The Hypothesis Form of Problem Solving

This strategy MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Often times the Guess, Check and Revise Strategy in APPS 6 class gets a bad rap. Sure, a lot of guess may be needed to find a correct answer, but that is the beauty of the problem solving process. The entire idea behind this strategy is to make educated guesses, check your solutions, then make revisions (changes) in order to find a correct answer. ALWAYS SHOW ALL YOUR WORK! You don't want to repeat an incorrect guess and waste time en route to a correct final answer.

Guess, Check and Revise Quiz - Wednesday in Class

Make sure you go to Mr. Hill's website to find videos, practice problems, examples, etc. in order to help you prepare for the quiz in class. Bring a calculator and something to write with. Most of you will complete the quiz Wednesday in class. If you do not finish, you will have time in class Thursday to complete your quiz.

Be Prepared

Use this SMORE page as a good refresher/review for your Guess, Check and Revise Quiz on Wednesday. There are many things you can do to prepare yourself. Remind yourself of the steps of R.I.S.E. and use those to to keep track of your work with this strategy! If at first you don't succeed, guess, check and revise again!!!!