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State Road Elementary School

Monday, March 16, 2015

Events This Week!

Welcome Back Ms. Joan!!!

Please help me welcome Mrs. Joan Becker BACK to State Road! We have missed you Joan and we are glad you are back and feeling better!!!

March is Reading Month!!!

Please continue to review the emails and March is Reading Month itinerary for all the great things that we have planned for the month! Thank you all for your help!

New Kindergarten Registration Day!

Kindergarten Registration Day is this Thursday, March 19 from 7:30am - 7:30pm at the Board Office. Registration Packets are also available in our office!

School Improvement Team Meeting

Our next School Improvement Team Meeting is this Thursday, March 19 beginning at 7:30am in the Media Center. Our Action Teams will break out at 8:00am. All are invited to attend.

Popcorn Day!

This Friday, March 20 is POPCORN DAY! All bags just $0.50.


I will be out of the building:

on Monday afternoon for an Admin Curriculum Meeting

on Wednesday morning before school for an Ed Foundation Board Meeting

Grade Fixes for the Year!

As a reminder, our “Grade Fixes” that we agreed to pilot for this school year are:

▫ Fix 1: Don’t include student behaviors in grades; include only achievement

▫ Fix 5: Don’t consider attendance in grade determination; report absences separately

▫ Fix 6: Don’t include group scores in grades; use only individual achievement evidence

"Grading" SI Action Team Requests:

  • As a staff, we are going to focus on one fix per month
  • For this month, please read Fix #6: Don’t include group scores in grades; use only individual achievement evidence. Please read pp. 52-56 and provide your feedback to either Gabe or Callie. It is actually very easy reading and we do value your comments as we used them to lead our discussion.

    We will compile and share this feedback at our January team meeting and with the rest of the staff.

Observation / Evaluation Process Update

Round 3 of Observations have started! Our 'Noticings’ and ‘Wonderings’ sections will focus on the Dimension of (A) Assessment for Student Learning.

    • Observations - We will again conduct a minimum of 3 observations for the year (district continuity).
    • Observations Time - These will be 15-30 min of lesson scripting and another 15 minutes of coding.
    • I should be able to access or view your daily lesson plans with assigned standards.
    • A difference from last year is that all observations will be unannounced (law compliance and district continuity).
    • We will have a Dimension focus during observations (up to two dimensions). The dimension focus areas will be the areas that Noticing’s, Wonderings, and Analysis will be derived.

Culture of Learning

5 week series: 5 Things to do Instead of Complain by Jon Gordon

#2: Praise Others: Instead of becoming frustrated by what your students are doing wrong, start focusing on what they are doing right. Praise them and watch as they create more success as a result! Of course, point out their mistakes so they can learn and grow, but make sure you give three times as much praise as criticism.

Quote of the week...

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What's Happening Next Week?

  • 5th Grade IB Exhibition is Tuesday, March 24 from 4:30-6:00pm
  • The next Input for Improvement Meeting will be Tuesday, March 24 from 7-8pm right here at State Road
  • Intervention Meetings will be Thursday, March 26 during your planning time
  • Our next Leo's Family Night is Thursday, March 26. This will be "Carter Theriault Night" to show our State Road support for Carter!


  • P/T Conferences begin Monday, March 30 (see schedule below)
  • Spring Break is April 3-10
  • Return from break on Monday, April 13

Spring Parent / Teacher Conferences

Monday, March 30, 4:30-7:30pm

Wednesday, April 1, 4:30-7:30pm

Thursday, April 2, 12:00-3:00pm (Half Day for Students; dismissal at 11:55am)

  • The above nine (9) hours must be made available on your conference sign-up schedule (additional time may be added before/after school, etc.)
  • Please include me on your letter or email/link to parents!
  • I will have a parent letter re: conferences ready to send home sometime tomorrow.

Kid's Hope USA

Staff, I have been working with a local church to bring "Kid's Hope USA" to State Road! This is an adult mentorship program where trained adults would work with select students one hour per week in a supportive, caring role. This program will take some time to get the Kid's Hope Coordinator and mentors trained and certified. It's my 'hope' to have this great program start in the fall!