The Exciting Adventures of Maria

By Maria Chinema


The exciting adventure's of Maria includes Olive Garden, WaterPark of America, and Wisconsin Dells. These fun and exciting places are the place for you to be. This brochure includes information of places, beautiful pictures, and prices. Let this be an adventure that you and your family will never forget.

Tasteful Olive Garden

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant that severs the most significant foods in America. The restaurant is one of the most growing in the U.S. and is most visited. This restaurant is my one time favorites, when I was younger my family and I went to Olive Garden. It was the first time that I've been there. As soon as we arrived to the Italian restaurant, the whole place was packed with people. Though, it was very fancy and elegant, the place smelled delicious with Italian foods. My family and I had a nice table that was waitered by nice, patient, and polite people. I ordered the alferdo dish that had the best sauce with a glass of pop. Once I tasted my alfredo, it had a banging taste to it and my glass of pop swizzled into my mouth as I swallowed. This elegant place is the best place for family,friends, and lovers to dine .
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WaterPark of America

WaterPark of America has many rides for family and friends to enjoy. The waterpark includes many differents rides for all, hotel rooms, and arcade. This amusement park is the best place to have fun indoors. The WaterPark is a very special to me because it was my first time going for my best friend's party. The place has nice hotel rooms for friends and family. Inside the WaterPark there is many water rides such as the Wave pool, Water Slides, Surfing, Lazy River, and many more. The most excititng thing that I like is the Wave pool. I just love how the waves grow bigger, the water splashing, and pumbles down onto your skin when trying to swim. The Wave pool actually makes you feel like your swimming in the ocean. Also, the other rides are great too, but to find out which one is your favorite you must come vist the WaterPark of America.
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Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is also a good place to be with family and friends. Wisconsin Dells is located in south-central Wisconsin. The Dells has many attractions for the whole family to visit and explore. Many people visit the Dells yearly in the U.S. . For my younger sister's 8th birthday, my family and I went to Wisconsin Dells to celebrate her birthday. It was my first time leaving Minnesota, but it took a very long time driving there. The Great Wolf Lodge had the best hotel rooms. There was two queen size beds, one bunk bed, a couch, bathroom, and closet. The lodge also has an indoor water park and acrade room. Inside the acrade room are many different games for everyone. The sound of games are loudly booming into your ears. Different playing stations are roughly smooth and hard when handling the equipment. The indoor water park is also a good place to enjoy some water fun. There are countless waterslides for everyone to like. Eventhough, there are numerous places to visit at the Dells, it is one of the best amusement places to enjoy some fun and relax.
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Adventure Book Trip Information

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