Romeo and Juliet

By: Ethan Holman

Who's to Blame

I think Tybalt is to blame for the whole thing of Romeo and Juliet dying. If Tybalt would just mind his own business, Merctio final words wouldn't have been "I am hurt"(Shakespeare) from Act 3 scene 1. My movie is Toy Story 3 because a character in the movie is similar to Tybalt and that is Lot-so the bear. In some ways Lot-so the bear is evil and like Tybalt he lives with royalty and Lot-so is the leader of the Day-Care. Another reason if Lot-so the bear and Tybalt let go of the past then they wouldn't end up dead or abandon. My next subject is a Poem. This poem is about death and how love can live on after death and that evil can´t survive on its own. So Tybalt can start fresh when he´s dead and learn from his mistakes.

Death is painless

death is gain-less

So love what can be loved

or die in heaven above

so try to remember your past

or hope to survive the blast

Death can be sad

so try to be glad

After its all over

Think of red rover

So hope you have a new start

Because your family loves you with all of their heart

Toy story 3 Woody and the gang meet Lotso