Interactive Presentations


Deliver content in real-time or virtually, gathering feedback regarding student understanding.


Nearpod's mantra is "Create, Engage, Assess." Create interactive presentations that include polls, drawing responses, quizzes, and more! All data is provided to the teacher in real-time.

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Quick overview video

How Nearpod Brought Active Learning to My Classroom (Article)


Make any video into a lesson! This is an essential tool if you want to experiment with flipped lessons. Students watch a video, answer questions that you've input, and you receive their responses! Upload your own videos or choose from the Edpuzzle collection.

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Edpuzzle Review

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Use in the Classroom

Nearpod can be used in a small group to keep students focused and engaged. Add interactive slides frequently so students know they're expected to participate. Have students work in pairs and discuss answers or supplement with additional iPads from the cart.

Edpuzzle can be used to deliver content to students while the teacher is working with other students.