A one-of-a-kind history experience

What does myHistro do?

This website lets you combine maps and timelines so you can create an in depth and informative learning experience. You can create multiple events by providing details about an important moment in history. Along with a space for writing in information about an event, the website gives you the option of putting those details along with a map of where the event occurred. This site allows you to use include pictures about the event so the reader has multiple visuals to support the information. By creating multiple event, you can put those together into a timeline and create what they call a story. With this feature you can look at a large topic over time and see how those events affected it.

How can myHistro be useful in the classroom?

MyHistro is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom. It can be a useful resource for a group or whole class activity. For instance, a group can pick a topic that they want to cover, such as the American Revolution. Then, they can each pick a certain event and use descriptions, photos, videos, and maps to help support their writing. This can all be assembled as a group and put together in one spot to create the timeline story option. After groups have finished their product, they can then share it with the class and have great visuals and information to take in. MyHistro is a great way for students to use technology to collaborate and take an assignment to another level.

Where can I get this technology?

I first heard about this website from a Tech for Teachers review at the Center for History and New Media. The website gives users the chance to make their own story, whether it be about history or even their own life. It is free to sign up and make a profile. You can share your events and stories with your friends and even co-author with them. There are no costs associated with the website and you are free to share your work with social media sites. This site makes it very simple to start and doesn't make you jump through hoops to use the resources.

Ease of use and learning curve

This website was given an award from the American Association of School Libraries for being one of the best websites for teaching and learning. That being said, this website does provide a lot of opportunities and resources for teachers and students to use technology in the classroom. However, it seems like it is geared for older students. A teacher would have to model very explicitly how to put together a story for younger students. I think that it can be used for older elementary students but not in as extensive of a way that some of the stories on the website are set up. It can still be a very valuable resource for elementary teachers to integrate into their history lessons.