Project Based Learning

What is it?

Tired of teaching things the same way??? and getting the same uninterested students???

So let's change your thinking and get into Project Based Learning!!

Let the students drive the classroom. Take a backseat approach to teaching.

Let them go home tired for once.

How do we start?

Choose your TEKS.

Hook in your students with an entry event.

Challenge them with a Driving Question, that gives them a sense of purpose.

Design the project where the students make choices and have ownership.

Some of our top PBL driving instructors

Provides use of 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and Technology

What do we do when we are on the road to completing our project?

1. Encourage inquiry and collaboration among students.

2. Allow students to draw conclusions based on their research and discovery.

3. Remind students to use rubrics to critique their work.

4. Set up checkpoints along the way.

5. Publicly Present Product to an audience (parents, community, other students, etc).

We are PBL success stories