Come to our party!!!!!!!!!

Come meet the greatest dog,Winn Dixie!

Winn Dixie's party

Come meet Winn Dixie! You could play with Winn Dixie! You could also meet Opal,the preacher, Sweety Pie Thomas,Otis,Miss Franny Block,Amanda Wilkinson,Gloria Dump,the Dewberry brothers and Gertrude.Winn Dixie will sneeze,howl and smile. He would eat peanut butter, and will play with Gertrude. So,don't miss it.

Winn Dixie's party.

Sunday, July 19th, 7-11:30pm

Handy park

You should bring a present for Winn Dixie and something he would play with.

Winn Dixie wants to see what we do!

7:00-7:30 introductions

7:30-8:30 dinner

8:30-9:00 desert

9:00-11:30 dancing and music