We need your help!

Next week we will be creating time capsules to open in 10 years....

Please send one empty, clean, Pringles chips container with the lid by Tuesday, May 30!

We also need the following no later than next Friday, June 2ND!

___ 1 letter from you to your child in a sealed envelope. Please add the child’s name and/or decorate their envelope (standard size or smaller).

____1 letter from a sibling or family member in the same envelope please (as we will be adding other things). Please make sure your child DOES NOT read these to surprises them!

___1 small toy that will fit in the pringles can along with other documents we will be placing in it from school. (Mcdonalds toy/ anything smaller than 3-4 inches) that they will not be tempted to retrieve before the open date.

___1 present day picture of your child (alone or with siblings or friends) with the date marked on the back.

Thank you for all of your help in making our projects successful

We don't need these items A.S.A.P. but as soon as possible would be great help!

Please reach me if you have any questions or ideas!