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Newsletter 10 December , Term 4 Week 8


10 December 2021

Kia ora koutou

Today our students’ achievements were recognised at our annual Prize Giving. I would like to thank our parent community for being so understanding about our inability to have spectators attend. We will upload a video of our Prize Giving onto our school website as soon as it has been formatted. Congratulations to the prize winners and best wishes to our school leavers. May you have fond memories of NSC as you head away to the next chapter in your life.

The Year 13 leavers function last Monday night was a lovely way to acknowledge the contribution our Year 13 students have made to NSC. Thank you to the families that were able to attend and to the fabulous catering provided by the NSC PTA.

Congratulations to our senior students who have successfully navigated NCEA external exams. The last exam is on Monday 13 December. This is unusual as exams were moved back two weeks due to Covid to allow students more time to prepare. We look forward to seeing your results in the new year. It was heartening to see the number of students who were at school for tutorials and to complete other internal standards when they were away on study leave.

Best of luck to our Year 12 students who head away to Queenstown for their Peer Support, leadership and mountain biking camp tomorrow (Saturday 11 December). It is a great way to finish the school year and will hold them in good stead when they run Peer Support with our new entrants and in their various leadership positions throughout the year.

I again would like to thank Ms Blakemore and Mr Reeve for their contribution to NSC, both in and out of class, over the years. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Speaking of staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our NSC teaching and support staff. Your commitment to giving our students the absolute best learning experiences and passion for education is appreciated. It is the people, our staff, students and community that make NSC a great school.

Finally, the 2022 school year begins with senior student course confirmation on Monday 31 January between 1.00pm and 3.00pm. Senior students who need to confirm their course will be asked to attend. Year 7 and Year 13 students will attend NSC on Tuesday February 1 for Orientation and Peer Support. All students attend from Wednesday 2 February.

Meri Kirihimete me te Hape Nū Ia

Pete Wilkinson

Upcoming Events

  • Last Day of Term - Friday 10 December
  • Prizegiving - Friday 10 December
  • Year 12 Camp - Saturday 11 December - Monday 13 December
  • Teacher Only Day - Friday 28 January
  • Year 11-13 course confirmation - Monday 31 January 1-4pm
  • Year 7 & Year 13 Students - Tuesday 1 February
  • First Day for ALL students - Wednesday 2 February
  • Waitangi Day - Monday 7 February

Southland Secondary Schools Junior Adventure Race

Duncan Durling - Southland Provincial Clay Target Championships

Duncan competed in the Southland Provincial Clay Target Championships in Nightcaps in the weekend alongside 74 other shooters. On the first day he placed 3rd in B Grade in Minis, 3rd in B Grade in Double Rise and 1st in Junior in Double Rise. On the second day he placed 2nd in B Grade Single Barrel, 1st in Junior Point Score and 1st in Junior Single Barrel Junior High Gun.

Southland Secondary Schools Equestrian Event

Congratulations to the NSC Equestrian Team for their 6th placing at the Southland Secondary Schools’ Equestrian Event on Saturday: Brooklyn Neumann, Madeline Moyles, Tilly Mitchell, Jessica Mann, Kate Stalker & Isla Hailes.

Special mention must go to Isla Hailes and Jessica Mann who placed 2nd and 3rd in the 65cm TAMS IJO class and Tilly Mitchell who placed 6th in the 75cm TAMS IJO class as well as 5th in the Art class.

Well done to all of you girls who had a great fun day and represented NSC with pride.

Uniform Items from H & J's

Due to Covid affecting shipments of uniform, some items may not be available. H & J's hold stock for our school , so would hope to service a large percentage of our students, but there may be certain pieces or sizes of the uniform that may not be available until the school year starts in early February.

If you are affected by any supply issues please notify the college.

End of Year BOT report

Kia Ora, Tena koutou NSC school community.

Well done for making it to the end of another School year that has seen some continued interruptions, challenges, success and wonderful achievements from our students alongside many changes especially in staffing.

Firstly I would like to thank our staff for dedicating themselves to helping our students find their potential and encouraging and guiding them to learn and discover knowledge and skills that will become valued and important in their futures.

To our Principal, Mr Wilkinson, thank you. You have now had a full school year as leader and have been sensitively and proactively making changes and implementing new ideas to help our school be efficient with all its financial, physical and people resources. You are open to advice and feedback, asking for help when unsure about how to progress and as a BOT, we are pleased with the direction and culture the school is moving in and look forward to continued positive progress.

Thank you to the supportive senior leadership team that implements and oversees many of the important day to day responsibilities at school that allows Mr Wilkinson to focus on the bigger picture and ensure each day that staff and students are all focused on their teaching and learning.

Thank you to our teaching staff, your dedication and commitment during a year that has been interrupted and uncertain at times, has been appreciated. You have been faced with challenges both professionally and personally over the year and the BOT thanks you for considering the needs and outcomes of our students during these challenges. We trust seeing the progress academically and socially, justifies the time and energy given.

To our staff who we have fare welled over the year, thank you for your time and service to NSC and we wish you well in the next chapter of your careers. A special thank you to Ms Blakemore for your many years of service and dedication to our school and the hundreds of students you have encountered and taught. Enjoy your deserved retirement.

Welcome to our new staff who have come on board this year and are beginning next year. The BOT trust that you will find enjoyment and satisfaction in working with our students and in becoming part of our community and we look forward to your contribution in the years to come.

Thank you also to all our support staff. To the administration staff who are vital to keeping our school running smoothly and communicating with our community. Thank you to Maree Smith who we farewelled early in the year, for your dedication and attention to detail with regard to the finance of our school. To Anna Highfield, who has taken on this role and has smoothly picked up the responsibility and continues to make improvements that help the efficient running of the whole school.

To the teacher aids for working alongside students to help bring good learning outcomes for our students.

To our caretaker and cleaners, whose work goes unseen most of the time, we appreciate the clean and tidy environment you create.

Thank you to the parents and caregivers who support NSC by being involved in your child's learning. By helping with sports, camps or other activities, you provide fun opportunities to grow and make NSC a unique school we can be proud of.

Thank you to our BOT members for the expertise and time shared in helping set goals and overseeing the implementation of these. Also for holding the principal and staff to account for the culture and learning success of our students.

Thank you to Anna Highfield and Damon Lowe who stood down this year, for your time and efforts over past years. To David Bullmore and Becs Price who have taken on the role alongside Paul Heslip and Nic Bennet as parent reps. Thanks to Miss Eason as staff rep, your insight was valued around the table and we welcome Mrs Pannett to continue this role. To Imogen Highfield, the voice of the students on the BOT, who again brought valuable insight and contribution to decisions. We look forward to Giavana Santelli continuing this input in the year to come.

Having ERO in the school this year to evaluate our management and governance of NSC has given us some reassurance we are doing well, but also has given us some things to focus on and improve for both Governance and Management, and improved outcomes for our students. This evaluation process has confirmed the dedication and hard work of all our staff in giving our students the best opportunity to succeed.

We are pleased to have finally finished our building project and are happy with the improved classrooms and the modernised look of the school buildings. Next year we will start to implement the continued tidying up of buildings and painting to bring the rest of the school buildings inline with the colour change.

The boiler is currently a temporary one while we wait for the Ministry to decide on a new clean, efficient heating system to install which will be our big capital expenditure focus for the year. We are dedicated to the continued upgrade of technology devices for learning and equipment and funds to aid in providing new opportunities to experience and learn in and out of the classroom.

Finally, to our students who have graduated this year. Well done!. For the dedication and commitment it has taken to reach this point in life where you are entering a world of new found freedom and opportunity. The BOT trusts that your time spent at NSC has given you the skills academically and socially along with the confidence and assurance to discover who you are and what you are passionate about as you take up the opportunity to work or further study next year. We look forward to hearing where in the world you end up and what line of work you are involved in.

To our students who have left throughout the year, we also trust you have taken the learning and growing from your time at NSC and are proud of the memories and achievements and are making the most of the opportunities you are given.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.

It has been a big year for NSC in terms of changes in personnel and building projects and covid interrupting normal routines. Please take the time to enjoy the summer and refresh and relax with family and friends and we look forward to all that 2022 holds for NSC.

Nga mihi nui

Jonny Elder

BOT Presiding member

Year 10 Camp - Port Craig

It was great that the year 10 camp was still able to go ahead for students in these challenging times. We had seventeen students from the year group head down to the southern coast to walk part of the Hump Ridge Track via Port Craig to the Percy Burn Viaduct.

The trip started with a short walk to the campsite at Blue Cliffs for the first night. In the afternoon the students headed down the beach to see if we could catch some flounder. In rough water, Josh and Cody Lowe along with some of the other students dragged the net through the waves to get only one flounder this year.

Day two saw great conditions for tramping with overcast skies and moderate temperatures for the walk to Port Craig. The students were quickly set up on arrival and off to the beach to see if there were any Dolphins and to harvest some paua. There were 3-4 dolphins in the bay and students found a spot to get some kai moana to cook up and add to the dinner menu.

The walkout to the viaduct was a great trip and with the great weather, so we decided to drop down to the creek to navigate our way out to the coast. The students spotted their second deer for the trip on the way out.

On the way back to camp from the beach we spent some time looking for the bat for the annual game of cricket. After finding a suitable bat, setting up the pitch and reading through the game rules we had a great game. This year's winner of the title of bat sergeant was McKenzie Findlay who took out the title, not for his batting prowess, but the ongoing chatter throughout the game. He did do a great job of carrying the bat out over the last two days.

It was great to finish off the last night with a campfire and some marshmallows at the creek and to see who could throw the rocks up the cliff the highest.

Our return to Tuatapere saw everyone enjoy some freshly cooked fish and chips at the show grounds as the students reflected on the week that had been. Once again there had been some great memories and experiences for the year 10's, as they explored an amazing part of our country with some rich history.

Uniform Items for Sale

The College has some brand new Girls uniform items for sale, they have been worn once. McKinlays Black School Shoes Size 9 $100, 2 size 16 blouses $20 each & 1 navy skirt (larger size) $40. For more information contact the College office on 03 248 7121

Year 8 Camp


Excitement is in the air as we get into our cars on Tuesday morning. After about an hour's drive, the hot air welcomes us as we step out of our cars into Mavora. After 15 minutes everyone was unpacking and setting up their tents.

Finally, we finished setting up and we went on a walk. Not a long walk but it was still quite challenging in the heat of the sun. Luckily for us, there was a cool breeze that kept us from overheating.

On our way, we encountered a swing bridge with a maximum of 5 people. The water underneath the swing bridge looked so nice that we begged the teachers to take us swimming when we got back.

After our swim one of the groups had to help the teachers with preparation. The rest of us had free time. Some people relaxed while others played with the rugby balls. There was a group of girls that had a particular spot to sunbathe in.

After dinner we had supper and played with the nerfs for a bit then we were told to get ready for bed. Once the teachers said “Camp Quiet”, it wasn't that quiet. People were whispering amongst themselves. Finally, we got to sleep and then awoke to another great sunny day.

Wednesday was our big walk day. The walk we were doing was about 3 hours there and back which meant sore and hot legs. A group of us were walking down by the lake seeing how many fish we could spot. We saw at least 40 fish. Once we had gotten to the end of the first half of the walk we crossed a swing bridge and had lunch. Some people went fishing and others lay on the bridge. We started walking again and after a while, we made it back to camp.

Some of us asked if we could go swimming and the teachers took us down to a special swimming hole, where we could jump off a ledge. Before we knew it it was dinner time again. So while they set up we played Go Home Stay Home 123. Finally, it was bedtime and we were exhausted. So when Mrs Coghlan and Miss Egerton said camp quiet we were asleep pretty quickly.

Thursday. A fun day. On Thursday we did 5 activities in our groups. The five activities were: building a raft for the rafting, building huts for the game, fire making and boiling water, mountain biking and the blindfold challenge. We had 30 minutes on each task and were given points on how well we worked together as a group.

After lunch, we did a river crossing and everyone got soaked. After we had done our river crossing we came back and we were getting told how the rafting competition worked. The teachers/parents chose the best raft and then we all had to carry it to the water. We had to draw sticks to see which group would start. Team D had to start. We were timed to see how fast we did it and the winners were Team E. After tea, we played capture the flag in our huts that we made.

When we woke up the next morning everyone was tired and sad because today we were leaving. We had breakfast and then packed up our bags and tents just before it started to drizzle. It rained for about 5 minutes and then we had our final competition.

The Triathlon. It started with two runners from each group running at the same time and once the last runner from your team had passed the biker would go. After the biker got back your whole team had to get down to the water and run from one side to another. The group that did it the fastest won. The team that took away the win was Team D followed by Team A. Then, we finished packing up and went back to school. Huge thanks to the teachers and parents that came on camp with us.

Nyah Roy

Cultural Sports Day with Jay Cootes - Cultural Advisor for a Maori Trust

Cultural Games

Year 9/10 Ag trip to Deer Milking Farm

On Thursday we went down to Sharon and Peter McIntyre's deer farm. They told us that their primary source was velvet and milk. We looked at the milking shed where they milk the deer. We also got to look at the fawning shed where there were a lot of 2-3 week old fawns.

They talked about how they look after them and feed them. We were able to try some deer milk which tasted similar to cows milk but was really smooth.

We got to pat the fawns and be in the pens with them and also pat and feed some of the hinds that they milk.

Sharon also told us about genetics and what she does with the information. I would like to thank Sharon, Peter and their team for letting us go and have a look at their farm and share information about how they milk deer and raise fawns, as well as answer our questions. Also I would like to thank Mr Lee and Mrs Armitage for taking us down there, and Ms Stark for organising this trip. I enjoyed it and I think everyone else did as well.

By Harley Sheat

Contacting the College

If you need to contact the College about a student absence or for a query please either;

Ring 03 248 7121 and follow the prompts, text 027 248 7121, or use the absence feature on the school app.

Parents/Caregivers are also required to give the College notice if students are leaving early. Please do this by either phoning, using the app or texting the above number.

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