Splashtop is an application that you download on your ipad and computer.

For a small cost ($4.99), you can download the splashtop app on your ipad. You can then have the Aledo ISD technology department download the splashtop software onto your school computer. You then are able to connect your ipad to your computer! With that capability, you can perform any task that you would perform at your smartboard FROM THE POWER ZONE!!!!!

Teacher computer mirrored onto Student Device!

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SPLASHTOP is the answer to all of your problems with being "tied" to the smartboard. You can now go around the room and offer your lecture or activity. Additionally, you can pass the ipad over to your students and get them to participate in the lesson from the comfort of their own seats.

Additionally, students can use the Splashtop Classroom feature so that they can see what the teacher is writing on their ipads. I personally have not tried this feature because it is currently $29.99. I anticipate purchasing this component to Splashtop and using it more in the future.

Splashtop Classroom allows teachers to share their desktop and applications with students devices

Here's what I think about Splashtop:

Splashtop is the best answer to the problem with the "Power Zone". If you can use your tablet, then you can now be mobile and engage your students in close proximity to them.

I love the FREEDOM that Splashtop gives me in the classroom. I am glad that I can use the ipad to control my computer so that I can use all of my EXISTING Smartboard tools and lessons. The only problem that I found with controlling my Smart Notebook technologies through the ipad is that there is quite a delay in the writing process from the ipad to the Smartboard. Therefore, my handwriting ends up looking like a child's handwriting in my Smart Notebook Lessons.

I also can not wait to use the Splashtop Classroom component. This will allow all students to interact with the teacher during the lecture with their ipads.



With the mirroring 360 component of the Splashtop program, you can airplay your ipad to the Smartboard without the use of the $100 Apple TV device. For an introductory fee of $10.99 (through September 30, 2014 and $29.99 after September 30, 2014), you can project any apps or ANY materials from your ipad to the "big screen".

Furthermore, you can give your students a code that will allow you to mirror your ipad ONTO THE STUDENTS' TABLET DEVICES!!!!!!

Mirroring360 for Classrooms and Education

Here's what I think about Mirroring360:

I love this tool EVEN MORE than Splashtop. I can easily write on my lesson pdf's with my NoteShelf app on my ipad. I am then able to display what I have on my ipad to the Smartboard.

THE BEST PART of the mirroring360 application is that the ipad airplay is essentially a new window on my computer. This means that I can minimize that window, have it open at the same time as another program (such as my TI-84 SmartView emulator), and ACTUALLY TOUCH the Smartboard to control the computer applications.

I cannot control the ipad with the Smartboard, but I can simultaneously use features that I control with my Smartboard as well as use features that only my tablet can provide!

MAJOR DRAWBACK (right now) is that this Mirroring360 application is VERY NEW!!!! That means that there are "bugs" in the system. I currently have a problem where my ipad keeps getting "disconnected" from the computer. (The Splashtop program is MUCH further along in its engineering; therefore, it does NOT have the problems that the new Mirroring360 program has.