Mrs. Koontz's Newsletter

December 2, 2015

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Important Notes

Here are a few important reminders:
  • If your child will go home a different way than usual, you will need to write a note. If I do not have a note saying they will go home a different way, I will send them home their normal way.
  • If you have any extra boxes of tissues, we would be very happy to have them. We go through them very quickly.
  • Please, please make sure your child has a supply of pencils and a dry erase marker (black works best). I have depleted my supply of dry erase markers for the year. Thank you to Mrs, Byrne for supplying us with socks to erase our dry erase boards.
  • All Moore County's Soil and Water Poster Contest entries are due to me by December 16. Remember, this is an extra credit opportunity for Science. Entry details were sent last month home.
  • SFL will collect canned foods from December 14 - December 17. The class that collects the most cans will earn a pizza party.
  • SFL fourth graders will collect dry pet food as part of our Pet Responsibility program until December 17, which is the finale of our program.


Congratulations go out to our own Kyleigh McNeill. She will participate in the NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick competition at the Panthers/Falcons game on Sunday, December 13. Kyleigh qualified in the top four high scores in her age group out of eight sectionals. She was the 2013 Carolina Panthers Champion. Wish her luck as she competes to go to the Super Bowl. The competition will take place before the game, but Kyleigh will run out of the tunnel with the Panthers.

Math Notes

We are well into Module 3.This module is our biggest yet and will cover multiplication and division. We already reviewed area and perimeter and multiplying multi-digit by one-digit numbers as well as many strategies to do this. We have now moved on to concepts of division. We will study division with remainders and, wait for it, long division. Again, we will explore many strategies for these concepts as well. We will also do a lot of problem solving. I predict we will not finish this module until after Winter Break. For those of you following on line, we are still in module 3. Division concepts begin with Lesson 14.

Science Notes

We started our study of rocks and minerals. This is a favorite of students every year. Already, we have discussed elements, minerals, rocks and their relationships and how rocks are tested to identify minerals contained in them. We will begin tests of our own this week. We will then move on to study the three types of rocks and how they are formed, the rock cycle, and the effect of weathering and erosion on land.

Important Dates!!!

December 7- Interims go home

December 13 - Watch Kyleigh McNeill run out of the tunnel with the Panthers at the Panthers/Falcons game

December 14 - 17 SFL food drive

December 16 - Soil and Water Poster entries due to Mrs. Koontz

December 17 - Spirit Day (canned goods)/Chick Fil A night

December 18 - Early Release

December 21 - January 1 - Winter Break

January 4 - Students return

Contact Me!

Here are some ways to contact me throughout the day. Remember, I will not get phone messages until after school.