an unbalanced relationship

by : melanie morton

effects of a husband's decisions

back in the day, husbands had a very degrading role in the lives of their wife, causing them to have the feeling of being constricted to a confined space, mind set, and way of life.


while john's wife stays home, loyal to him. he is out with other women behind his wife's back. she doesn't realize when he is doing because of the amount of trust she has put into him. the quotes means that people should live their life the way want to. john's wife was controlled by her husband. he restricted her from a life of happiness and the feeling of being free. she lived her life in the shadow of her husband.


in The Story of and Hour, josephine always lived her life according to her husband. he gave her no freedom and kept her from living her life, free of his conditions. when she was told that her husband had passed away, she was joyous that she could finally live her life without the restraint of brently.


antigone was shamed by her husband and many people due to the fact that she was independant. she made her own decisions, without the help of her spouse. after she buries her brother, she is faced with the consequences bythe superior role in society.