What led To The Civil War

Certain events led to the Civil War by Joe Damaso Period 5

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The Missouri Compromise

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Missouri Compromise 1820

*Act created 36,30 line

*Act prohbited slavery North of the line

*Solution to the problem of representation in the senate

*This prohibited the South expanding slavery to the North

The Missouri Compromise,was deveised by a man named Henry Clay.This act,would seperate America.The act,would have America be divided into north and south.This happened due to North not wanting slaves,and the South favoring slavery.Some would agrue,and ties against eachother would arise.The compromise also,was a solution to the slave problem,which was having two parties the north and the south.
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Compromise of 1850

*California was wanted by the North and South

*The slave law,would be revised and become more strict

*The south no longer wants to be part of U.S

*California,was owned by the North

The Compromise,of 1850 led to the dividing of the nation being North and South.This was due to,Clay's plan which would allow the nation from not disrupting the peace.The nation divided,because at this time Clays plan,allowed both sides to acquire what they wanted which was territory.With this plan,both sides had gotten what they wanted,but some were debated over.California,was a huge state that it passed the 36*,30'N line.This created tensions again for both sides.

Uncle Tom's Cabin 1852

*Lyman,wrote a book, about what really happens in slavery

*The book generated attention,and had sold numerous amounts of copies

*The southerns,were angry due to the false informantion that was stated in the book about slavery

*The book,had persuaded millions of people to become abolitionists

Uncle Tom's Cabin,had divided the nation into North and South.The book,had enraged people in the south and that those claims in the book were false,meanwhile the North,became aware of slavery and hated the South for their actions,to the slaves.The book,was said to be the causing of the war,as it enraged both sides.The author had put,that the slaves were whipped and killed,and this had made the North mad at the South,and increasing its gain of abolitionists.

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The Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854

*the act divided the Louisiana Purchase

*Had let people decide which state should be slave,or free

*The act,had no restrictions to the 36,30 line

*Protests,and petitions were made,in opposing to the Act

The Kansas Nebraska Act,had seperated the U.S. into the North and South.The Act,had enraged northerns,because the act gave no attention the 36,30 line.This had made the South happy,because if the south gave enough votes,they would either have Kansas,or Nebraska.If the South decides to have Kansas as a slave state,Slavery would be in the North.The North began to voting for the two states,to be free states.

Dred Scott v. Sanford 1857

*Dred,sued his owner for not letting him have his freedom

*The supreme Court,had ruled that slaves were property,and Dred was denied of his freedom

*The court also ruled that the congress,can not make a law that prohibits slavery from bought land

*The ruling,also made the Missouri Compromise obsolete

The Dred Scott v. Sanford,divided the nation,due to the courts decision.The court had ruled,that Dred was a property,and can not have federal support.Abolitionsts in the North,were angry as the slaves rights were lowered due to the decision.Also the court made so Congress wasn't abke to make a law that prohibits slavery.This had made the North,mad because the Missouri Compromise was a territory bought,and that slavery can be allowed in those territories.With these,actions the North and South,were at the brink of war and they did go to war.

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Event caused the most division,for America

The event,that caused the most division,between North and South was the Missouri Compromise 1820.From a maps perspective,the nation had been easily divided,due to the issue of slavery.With the debates that were waged,ties against eachother began to create problems and hatred.Since both,sides had different perspectives,the nation would have a difficult time trying to make peace with each other.This compromise,had made things more worst,as a line was created between the two sides,showing that the nation seperated as the line wouldn't allow both sides to cross it.

Ode to Old Union

Ode to Old Union

(AIR -- "Sparkling and Bright.")

Let the Grecian dream of his sacred stream,
And sing of the brave adorning,
That Phoebus weaves from his laurel leaves
At the golden gates of Morning;
But the brook that bounds through Union's grounds
Gleams bright as the Delphic water,
And a prize as fair as a god may wear,
Is a dip from our Alma Mater!

Then here's to thee, the brave and free,
Old Union smiling o'er us;
And for many a day, as thy walls grow gray,
May they ring with thy children's chorus.

Could our praises throng on the waves of song,
Like an Orient fleet gem-bringing,
We would bear to thee the argosy,
And crown thee with pearls of singing;
But thy smile beams down beneath a crown
Whose glory asks no other;
We gather it not from the green sea-grot --
'Tis the love we bear our mother!


Let the joy that falls from thy dear old walls,
Unchanged, brave Time's on-darting,
And our only tear falls once a year
On hands that clasp ere parting;
And when other throngs shall sing thy songs,
And their spell once hath bound us,
Our faded hours shall revive their flowers,
And the Past shall live around us.

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