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Norfolk jr. High

By Christian Karz

2013 Camaro ZL1

A camaro is my favorite car of all time. It looks like this. It costs about $54,350. This is tested on some of the most rigorous tracks around the world including the Nurburgring, where it was timed at 7:41. It goes from 0 to 60 miles in 3.9 seconds.The ZL1 is designed to beat every other sports car in its class. ZL1 is the most advanced Camaro of all time. It has a touch screen radio.The one unique feature of the ZL1 among high-performance muscle cars is in the availability of an automatic transmission. It is also powerful enough that the convertible top barely makes a noticeable difference.

School Uniforms

No sagging, no chains, no drugs and other things on our shirts. These are reasonable things to out rule, as long as there are no uniforms. You can’t take away our freedom to express ourselves, and people will hate school even more. It might protect us from being bullied and fix all our problems, but nobody likes a perky school.

Finding Nemo

Marlin and Coral are expecting a lot of babies. A shark/some bad fish comes and eats Coral and all of the babies except Nemo. Flash Forward to a couple years and it's Nemo's first day of school. He also has a "lucky fin" which is smaller due to the shark attack. Marlin is extremely nervous and worried about Nemo all of the time. He doesn't want him to go to school.

Nemo does go to school, he ends up going to the "drop off" and him and his new friends see a boat which they call a butt. When Marlin hears from the other parents about the "drop off" he gets worried and goes to get Nemo. Marlin is trying to tell Nemo to come home with him, Nemo gets mad and goes to touch the boat after his friends were daring him. When he begins to swim back a scuba diver catches him. Marlin can't save him.

Marlin is going crazy looking for him the whole time, finds a new friend Dory who has short-term memory loss. They have to go through obstacles like Sharks,Jellyfish,other scary fish, and they meet turtles as well. This whole time Nemo is in a tank in a dentsists office with other fish. They are trying to escape to the ocean.
Finding Nemo - Just Keep Swimming
Little squirt dude


Facetime is something that you can video chat with. You can have many people in one chat. All that I know is you can have four people in one chat.