20 facts

Rebecca Stell

20 facts

  1. The euro enters circulation

  2. Apple introduces the iMac G4

  3. The world's first cyborg

  4. the dwarf planet Quaoar is discovered

  5. The deadliest act of terrorism in the history of indonesia

  6. Average cost of new house $228700.00

  7. Average Median Income $42409.00

  8. Gas per gallon was about $1.61

  9. The Euro becomes the official currency of twelve of the European Union Member’s European Union

  10. Miss World Pageant causes Riots Nigeria

  11. Top song of the year was Foolish by Ashanti

  12. Top artist of the year was Nickel-back

  13. what technology was out The Apple iBook G3/600 14

  14. fashion trends was clothing in suede

  15. hair styles were waves/curls

  16. president that year George W. Bush

  17. were there wars going on we had an attack on Iraq

  18. Star Wars episode 2 came out

  19. The Winter Olympics were held in salt Lake City, Utah,U.S.

  20. A major earthquake rocks Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan
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